Coffee, Collaboration, and Enablement in DACH

Britta Lorenz, DACH Host
and Lead Collaborator

I am beyond excited to announce that Britta Lorenz, Partner and Enablement pro at the PDAgroup, Chapter Lead for WiSE DACH (not sure what is WiSE?), has agreed to host the Coffee, Collaboration, and Enablement in DACH version podcast.

Her in-depth understanding of the region, the people, and Enablement itself, combined with her passion for raising the profession by sharing best practices and spotlighting fellow Collaborators, made her a natural choice. I am looking forward to partnering with her on this effort.

Since we are covering Enablement in DACH we are also covering Enablement in Germany, Enablement in Austria, and Enablement in Switzerland. Britta has her hands full.

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