Dionne Mischler is the CEO and Founder of Inside Sales by Design, CEO of Salesclass.io, and advisor extraordinaire.  She joined The Collaborator to share her thoughts on how to hire and grow a great Inside Sales team, while balancing that with a clear understanding of the importance of humanity and empathy in all we do.

Give a listen as even the dogs and cats shared their opinion during this episode.


0:00:00.080,0:00:05.839 i’m here today with dionne micheller0:00:04.000,0:00:08.400 i think i actually said it all correctly0:00:05.839,0:00:10.800 which is pretty good for me0:00:08.400,0:00:12.320 you did it i have a tricky first name0:00:10.800,0:00:14.320 and a tricky last name0:00:12.320,0:00:15.599 so it’s really not though i mean they0:00:14.320,0:00:18.560 both look0:00:15.599,0:00:20.720 like they should be pronounced so but i0:00:18.560,0:00:24.480 i mess them all up i mess up my own name0:00:20.720,0:00:25.119 so it’s okay dion do it do us a favor0:00:24.480,0:00:26.560 though0:00:25.119,0:00:28.640 introduce yourself tell us a little bit0:00:26.560,0:00:30.000 about what you’re up to sure0:00:28.640,0:00:31.599 well john thank you so much for having0:00:30.000,0:00:32.079 me and it’s always so wonderful to talk0:00:31.599,0:00:35.280 with you0:00:32.079,0:00:37.120 so i appreciate it um and you know0:00:35.280,0:00:39.440 like everybody else right now i think0:00:37.120,0:00:42.800 we’re what eight months in so0:00:39.440,0:00:46.000 to the coven i know thing0:00:42.800,0:00:48.559 and i get it um and so i0:00:46.000,0:00:49.760 am just grateful that we are blessed and0:00:48.559,0:00:50.719 like we were talking about before we0:00:49.760,0:00:53.920 kicked off0:00:50.719,0:00:56.800 healthy and you know turning the corner0:00:53.920,0:01:00.399 from i think surviving into thriving0:00:56.800,0:01:03.039 which is always a good thing so0:01:00.399,0:01:03.840 overall things are good good that’s0:01:03.039,0:01:05.280 awesome0:01:03.840,0:01:07.200 hey you know what i’m going to ask you0:01:05.280,0:01:11.360 i’m going to dive right into it0:01:07.200,0:01:13.520 you are all about inside sales0:01:11.360,0:01:15.600 yes where the heck did that passion come0:01:13.520,0:01:16.799 from it’s wonderful i love it but where0:01:15.600,0:01:20.880 did it come from0:01:16.799,0:01:23.439 thank you so there’s a part of me0:01:20.880,0:01:24.400 so i was raised you know blue collar0:01:23.439,0:01:28.000 chicago0:01:24.400,0:01:29.119 midwest military you know driving for0:01:28.000,0:01:32.479 efficiency0:01:29.119,0:01:34.079 right all that stuff and so um and my0:01:32.479,0:01:36.560 dad had always done0:01:34.079,0:01:37.600 route sales and my mom they’re not0:01:36.560,0:01:39.119 together but my mom’s always0:01:37.600,0:01:40.720 an entrepreneur and you know kind of0:01:39.119,0:01:43.840 doing her thing and0:01:40.720,0:01:46.320 um i think what i like and so you take0:01:43.840,0:01:48.000 all of those pieces right and we all0:01:46.320,0:01:51.280 have pieces in history right0:01:48.000,0:01:54.640 of course i took all of those together0:01:51.280,0:01:55.920 and what i love about inside sales and0:01:54.640,0:01:58.000 i actually when we moved here to0:01:55.920,0:01:59.600 southern california0:01:58.000,0:02:00.880 um i started working for a microsoft0:01:59.600,0:02:02.320 partner and that’s where i built my0:02:00.880,0:02:06.000 first inside sales team0:02:02.320,0:02:08.560 okay and because a lot of the folks0:02:06.000,0:02:10.399 there came from microsoft microsoft had0:02:08.560,0:02:12.400 already had an inside sales team0:02:10.399,0:02:13.920 so there was some good good stuff there0:02:12.400,0:02:18.239 and this was you know 120:02:13.920,0:02:21.200 years ago 13 years ago found aisp0:02:18.239,0:02:22.959 at the time so yeah it was 12 years ago0:02:21.200,0:02:26.160 and0:02:22.959,0:02:28.480 the efficiency of it0:02:26.160,0:02:30.000 especially at the time like 12 years0:02:28.480,0:02:31.760 isn’t a long time0:02:30.000,0:02:33.680 it’s a hell of a long time in our world0:02:31.760,0:02:35.280 though but in our world0:02:33.680,0:02:37.040 you know it’s like dog years right it’s0:02:35.280,0:02:39.519 like a hundred years ago0:02:37.040,0:02:40.720 right where even 12 years ago linkedin0:02:39.519,0:02:44.879 was just starting0:02:40.720,0:02:48.239 right the webpages were non-existent0:02:44.879,0:02:48.879 so what really speaks to me about inside0:02:48.239,0:02:51.360 sales0:02:48.879,0:02:53.200 is the efficiency the accountability the0:02:51.360,0:02:55.599 ability to learn new things0:02:53.200,0:02:57.440 and especially now and it’s been this0:02:55.599,0:03:00.159 progression right and covid came in like0:02:57.440,0:03:03.599 a wrecking ball and kind of forced0:03:00.159,0:03:04.640 a lot of motions to accelerate which is0:03:03.599,0:03:08.159 good0:03:04.640,0:03:10.319 so but i i think the phone0:03:08.159,0:03:11.760 is still a good medium i think talking0:03:10.319,0:03:13.599 like this is still an0:03:11.760,0:03:14.800 excellent medium right that is0:03:13.599,0:03:17.120 acceptable0:03:14.800,0:03:19.360 so and i think sometimes our outside0:03:17.120,0:03:21.120 sales friends0:03:19.360,0:03:22.720 and even myself right if you’re a0:03:21.120,0:03:26.000 speaker right we we rely0:03:22.720,0:03:27.680 so much on being in person that we can0:03:26.000,0:03:30.239 use it as a crutch0:03:27.680,0:03:31.760 instead of having a skill set around all0:03:30.239,0:03:32.799 of these different communication mediums0:03:31.760,0:03:35.040 so0:03:32.799,0:03:36.480 longer answer but that’s why i love it0:03:35.040,0:03:39.519 no no i love that0:03:36.480,0:03:42.480 you know so you work with a lot of0:03:39.519,0:03:44.080 a lot of companies in terms of helping0:03:42.480,0:03:47.280 them around inside sales0:03:44.080,0:03:48.239 how do you go about a helping them0:03:47.280,0:03:50.959 figure out how to0:03:48.239,0:03:52.640 get better more efficient or even just0:03:50.959,0:03:56.080 to start from the ground up i mean0:03:52.640,0:03:59.200 how do you approach all of that yeah so0:03:56.080,0:04:02.879 asking questions right and0:03:59.200,0:04:04.720 so i try to model what i teach teams0:04:02.879,0:04:06.319 right sometimes i do it well sometimes i0:04:04.720,0:04:08.239 don’t and it’s you know straddling the0:04:06.319,0:04:10.959 line between0:04:08.239,0:04:11.920 being able to um deliver information as0:04:10.959,0:04:14.239 well as call it out0:04:11.920,0:04:15.360 so really asking a lot of questions and0:04:14.239,0:04:16.239 what do you want and how are you going0:04:15.360,0:04:17.680 to do it and0:04:16.239,0:04:20.000 are you a public company are you private0:04:17.680,0:04:21.919 company are you you know0:04:20.000,0:04:23.440 um how are you owned what does that look0:04:21.919,0:04:25.360 like what do you see for yourself0:04:23.440,0:04:26.400 are you a sas company that just took0:04:25.360,0:04:28.320 revenue and you have a board of0:04:26.400,0:04:30.960 directors to pro but to report0:04:28.320,0:04:31.680 to that drum beat is different than it0:04:30.960,0:04:34.720 is if0:04:31.680,0:04:38.400 um i’m an hvac company in0:04:34.720,0:04:42.080 the northeast all my businesses referral0:04:38.400,0:04:45.520 and we are retrofitting hospitals0:04:42.080,0:04:46.720 okay okay it’s interesting because i0:04:45.520,0:04:48.400 hadn’t thought about0:04:46.720,0:04:49.919 half of those factors so that’s really0:04:48.400,0:04:51.759 interesting0:04:49.919,0:04:54.240 and so it’s really when we when i0:04:51.759,0:04:57.440 approach conversations with folks0:04:54.240,0:04:58.800 it’s um what what do you have internally0:04:57.440,0:05:00.000 what do you want this team to look like0:04:58.800,0:05:01.280 what do you think they’re going to look0:05:00.000,0:05:02.800 like what do you want to be when you0:05:01.280,0:05:06.000 grow up right0:05:02.800,0:05:07.199 um and a lot of that you know and what0:05:06.000,0:05:10.400 i’m seeing even0:05:07.199,0:05:13.840 whether in tech or out is a lot of0:05:10.400,0:05:16.560 we need relationship management0:05:13.840,0:05:17.120 we want this connection with people and0:05:16.560,0:05:20.240 i was like0:05:17.120,0:05:23.120 done yes that’s exactly right so0:05:20.240,0:05:24.080 it’s really it’s a nuance between0:05:23.120,0:05:26.560 bringing0:05:24.080,0:05:27.840 20 years of experience and and you know0:05:26.560,0:05:30.880 in in our world and0:05:27.840,0:05:32.479 there’s so much knowledge right0:05:30.880,0:05:34.320 and really trying to to kind of0:05:32.479,0:05:37.360 harmonize that with folks0:05:34.320,0:05:39.600 already lay the land i love that love0:05:37.360,0:05:41.840 that what i also love was two seconds0:05:39.600,0:05:43.840 ago your cat walked in behind you0:05:41.840,0:05:45.039 and walked across behind you in the0:05:43.840,0:05:47.199 window oh she’s and0:05:45.039,0:05:49.280 she or she’s still right there and i0:05:47.199,0:05:52.400 love that0:05:49.280,0:05:55.600 this is it this is it have a background0:05:52.400,0:05:56.960 i forgot so no no i’ve been on calls0:05:55.600,0:06:00.479 like this and had my cat0:05:56.960,0:06:03.520 in my right ear going meow so it happens0:06:00.479,0:06:05.840 it happens all of us0:06:03.520,0:06:06.560 what do you what do you you know beyond0:06:05.840,0:06:09.039 the cap0:06:06.560,0:06:10.319 and we’ll come back to the cap what are0:06:09.039,0:06:12.160 some of the biggest struggles you’re0:06:10.319,0:06:13.600 seeing inside sales teams having right0:06:12.160,0:06:16.720 now0:06:13.600,0:06:18.080 um i think i just saw a quote0:06:16.720,0:06:20.639 and it was probably from the bridge0:06:18.080,0:06:23.680 group where0:06:20.639,0:06:27.759 um teams are0:06:23.680,0:06:30.479 are cut right resources are cut0:06:27.759,0:06:32.000 head count is cut but sales quotas0:06:30.479,0:06:35.440 aren’t going down0:06:32.000,0:06:38.560 right so i think0:06:35.440,0:06:41.360 that speaks to a symptom0:06:38.560,0:06:42.199 of a bigger problem right which is0:06:41.360,0:06:45.600 there’s0:06:42.199,0:06:47.440 always and i’m not one to use definitive0:06:45.600,0:06:51.039 terms like that but i can i can0:06:47.440,0:06:51.039 fairly accurately say0:06:52.599,0:06:58.800 99.9 out of 100 times0:06:55.440,0:07:00.000 there’s a mismatch between a company’s0:06:58.800,0:07:02.880 mission0:07:00.000,0:07:04.800 which is we exist for the greater good0:07:02.880,0:07:05.759 right we are here to solve all your0:07:04.800,0:07:09.599 problems we0:07:05.759,0:07:10.479 serve right to the sales teams make your0:07:09.599,0:07:14.560 number you’re0:07:10.479,0:07:15.440 fired although so often that disconnect0:07:14.560,0:07:17.440 shows up0:07:15.440,0:07:19.759 we’re compassionate we understand it’s a0:07:17.440,0:07:21.680 struggle but your numbers still exist so0:07:19.759,0:07:23.680 you better learn how to meet the number0:07:21.680,0:07:27.199 i have seen i know i’ve seen several0:07:23.680,0:07:29.120 companies a lot of companies though0:07:27.199,0:07:30.240 try to adjust their um their0:07:29.120,0:07:33.199 expectations0:07:30.240,0:07:34.880 their numbers are are you seeing that as0:07:33.199,0:07:36.960 well or are you seeing some company just0:07:34.880,0:07:38.080 sort of double down and say too bad just0:07:36.960,0:07:39.919 hit the number0:07:38.080,0:07:41.680 yeah no they’re definitely adjusting0:07:39.919,0:07:44.000 which is nice and again i think it’s0:07:41.680,0:07:46.560 it’s fast forwarding0:07:44.000,0:07:48.400 um looking at that disconnect between0:07:46.560,0:07:51.520 the tone and tenor0:07:48.400,0:07:53.520 right where how you and i might approach0:07:51.520,0:07:56.080 a sales call is very different than how0:07:53.520,0:07:58.000 a fresh new sdr is coached to approach a0:07:56.080,0:08:00.400 sales call get the meeting at all costs0:07:58.000,0:08:01.840 a great agreement that’s not that’s not0:08:00.400,0:08:05.759 an alignment0:08:01.840,0:08:08.960 right and so i think you know that0:08:05.759,0:08:11.440 that quote is driving home0:08:08.960,0:08:12.879 a lot of the work that needs to happen0:08:11.440,0:08:14.240 right and so whenever i talk with0:08:12.879,0:08:16.240 organizations0:08:14.240,0:08:18.720 you know or have this conversation it0:08:16.240,0:08:20.560 highlights the disconnect0:08:18.720,0:08:22.479 right you cannot have a compassionate0:08:20.560,0:08:23.440 sales team if they’re afraid for their0:08:22.479,0:08:25.360 job0:08:23.440,0:08:27.120 because they have to feed their family0:08:25.360,0:08:29.360 and pay them more0:08:27.120,0:08:30.960 you know that those two things don’t0:08:29.360,0:08:32.959 coexist0:08:30.960,0:08:34.399 they’re an exact opposition of each0:08:32.959,0:08:37.680 other oh they really0:08:34.399,0:08:41.760 are the more you inject the compassion0:08:37.680,0:08:45.120 and and mercy and grace into0:08:41.760,0:08:46.800 the learnings it’s just a better0:08:45.120,0:08:50.240 motivation overall0:08:46.800,0:08:50.720 yeah i agree you know let me ask you0:08:50.240,0:08:52.640 this one0:08:50.720,0:08:55.120 um and it’s off track from where we were0:08:52.640,0:08:57.200 going a little bit so i apologize0:08:55.120,0:09:00.160 but we’re having some fun let me ask you0:08:57.200,0:09:00.160 your thoughts on0:09:00.240,0:09:03.680 i’m getting the meetings and what i mean0:09:02.480,0:09:05.600 by that is0:09:03.680,0:09:08.000 sometimes i think we put these metrics0:09:05.600,0:09:10.560 out there that don’t necessarily align0:09:08.000,0:09:14.240 to what we’re trying to accomplish is0:09:10.560,0:09:17.200 there a better way in your mind0:09:14.240,0:09:19.600 for some situations perhaps only for how0:09:17.200,0:09:22.640 we measure what the sdr team is up to0:09:19.600,0:09:25.920 then simply book the meeting oh0:09:22.640,0:09:27.519 definitely yes so in some of the teams0:09:25.920,0:09:27.920 that i’ve worked with we’ve actually0:09:27.519,0:09:31.200 built0:09:27.920,0:09:33.120 more of a strategic territory plan0:09:31.200,0:09:35.279 and if you have alignment between your0:09:33.120,0:09:36.880 sdrs and your aes whether they’re inside0:09:35.279,0:09:38.800 or outside0:09:36.880,0:09:40.000 what we’re actually measuring is0:09:38.800,0:09:41.440 progress against0:09:40.000,0:09:43.200 the goal right so if you think about it0:09:41.440,0:09:45.360 from a pie chart perspective0:09:43.200,0:09:46.880 yes this is for this book of business0:09:45.360,0:09:48.880 our total addressable market0:09:46.880,0:09:50.000 you know 100 accounts and over the0:09:48.880,0:09:52.480 course of this amount of0:09:50.000,0:09:53.279 time we want first meetings second0:09:52.480,0:09:54.880 meetings0:09:53.279,0:09:56.320 right we want to be able to map accounts0:09:54.880,0:09:57.200 we want to be able to talk about who’s0:09:56.320,0:09:58.560 got what where0:09:57.200,0:10:00.399 and how do these relationships like0:09:58.560,0:10:05.279 relationship mapping0:10:00.399,0:10:07.279 yeah of course that by far and away0:10:05.279,0:10:10.000 is probably a better way to measure your0:10:07.279,0:10:11.839 str because it all it reduces silos it0:10:10.000,0:10:14.240 increases teamwork0:10:11.839,0:10:15.839 right all that good stuff yeah i love0:10:14.240,0:10:17.200 the fact that0:10:15.839,0:10:19.519 i love the fact that it drives that0:10:17.200,0:10:21.279 collaboration between them too0:10:19.519,0:10:23.200 and i think it brings in other parties0:10:21.279,0:10:26.240 too which is really helpful0:10:23.200,0:10:27.920 really really really helpful if you were0:10:26.240,0:10:30.160 if you were running an enablement team0:10:27.920,0:10:32.079 let’s say though in a business today0:10:30.160,0:10:34.079 and thinking to yourself geez i need to0:10:32.079,0:10:35.680 help this inside sales team just as much0:10:34.079,0:10:37.440 as i’m helping anybody else0:10:35.680,0:10:39.200 what are the sorts of things that you0:10:37.440,0:10:42.079 would suggest they do0:10:39.200,0:10:44.320 or how do they approach figuring out how0:10:42.079,0:10:48.320 to best help the inside sales team0:10:44.320,0:10:51.279 yeah so i i think um0:10:48.320,0:10:52.800 it’s a loaded question right and i know0:10:51.279,0:10:55.040 i know0:10:52.800,0:10:56.880 you saw me loaded the gun i loaded it0:10:55.040,0:10:59.279 yeah0:10:56.880,0:11:00.160 i think you know a couple things if if0:10:59.279,0:11:03.200 we have0:11:00.160,0:11:05.839 enablement teams or sales leaders0:11:03.200,0:11:07.120 right that are coming not embracing0:11:05.839,0:11:09.360 adult learner theory0:11:07.120,0:11:10.480 not doing understanding kind of the0:11:09.360,0:11:13.519 catch ball method0:11:10.480,0:11:14.959 of you know teach teach together0:11:13.519,0:11:17.200 have them do it on their own and have0:11:14.959,0:11:19.360 them teach it to you0:11:17.200,0:11:20.320 we’re doing a disservice to every adult0:11:19.360,0:11:22.959 on the planet0:11:20.320,0:11:23.760 right so i think that’s number one is0:11:22.959,0:11:25.360 making sure0:11:23.760,0:11:27.920 we’re putting together a programmatic0:11:25.360,0:11:30.959 approach that recognizes we’re talking0:11:27.920,0:11:34.560 and teaching to adults right0:11:30.959,0:11:36.560 um and i and i think it’s recognizing0:11:34.560,0:11:38.800 that we want to teach a what and not a0:11:36.560,0:11:42.079 how we want to have a strength based0:11:38.800,0:11:43.839 approach versus a deficit based approach0:11:42.079,0:11:46.240 right i had one team where this0:11:43.839,0:11:48.079 gentleman he was like the teacher from0:11:46.240,0:11:51.440 ferris bueller’s day off0:11:48.079,0:11:52.639 his voice was monotone so for those of0:11:51.440,0:11:53.839 you that haven’t seen that movie i0:11:52.639,0:11:55.360 highly recommend it0:11:53.839,0:11:57.120 um but and for those of you that0:11:55.360,0:12:00.079 remember it this0:11:57.120,0:12:00.880 this individual just how his tone was0:12:00.079,0:12:02.959 was the exact0:12:00.880,0:12:05.120 opposite of what we typically look for0:12:02.959,0:12:09.519 right he’s very monotone0:12:05.120,0:12:13.360 he was crushing it so we have to0:12:09.519,0:12:15.760 really be open to not um0:12:13.360,0:12:16.399 jumping on people’s house right at the0:12:15.760,0:12:18.959 end of the day0:12:16.399,0:12:21.120 so if they can succeed you know eating a0:12:18.959,0:12:24.800 steak with a spoon don’t stop them0:12:21.120,0:12:28.399 you know what i mean so um i think0:12:24.800,0:12:28.399 i think that’s it and i think0:12:28.560,0:12:34.320 understanding um i was listening to this0:12:31.519,0:12:38.000 podcast on masters of scale0:12:34.320,0:12:39.920 um rapid response0:12:38.000,0:12:41.440 and i have a blog post coming out about0:12:39.920,0:12:43.920 it in a couple weeks0:12:41.440,0:12:45.360 because i diane hoskins she’s the co-ceo0:12:43.920,0:12:47.360 of ginsler0:12:45.360,0:12:49.040 and she was talking about it’s really0:12:47.360,0:12:50.959 good one because it talks about the myth0:12:49.040,0:12:52.480 of remote work productivity and i was0:12:50.959,0:12:53.360 like oh thank god someone was brave0:12:52.480,0:12:56.399 enough to say it0:12:53.360,0:12:59.600 right i love this0:12:56.399,0:13:02.959 oh yeah oh yeah like no no no no this0:12:59.600,0:13:04.480 there’s there is value and experience0:13:02.959,0:13:06.959 right that’s what keeps people together0:13:04.480,0:13:09.519 so yeah topic for another day but0:13:06.959,0:13:11.760 um it was really interesting because she0:13:09.519,0:13:14.639 called out this phrase that said0:13:11.760,0:13:15.040 you know we’re knowledge workers so and0:13:14.639,0:13:17.120 she0:13:15.040,0:13:18.399 um as a co-ceo of the world’s largest0:13:17.120,0:13:20.959 architectural0:13:18.399,0:13:22.320 architectural firm so you’re going to go0:13:20.959,0:13:23.920 to a meeting you’re going to design or0:13:22.320,0:13:25.519 you’re going to have this you know0:13:23.920,0:13:28.240 discovery meeting well you need to go0:13:25.519,0:13:30.240 back and do some cerebral work on0:13:28.240,0:13:32.880 creating blueprints0:13:30.240,0:13:34.079 right so same thing where when we’re0:13:32.880,0:13:35.600 talking about enablement0:13:34.079,0:13:37.519 we need to understand that we have0:13:35.600,0:13:40.399 knowledge work and we have0:13:37.519,0:13:42.079 line work and the line work we do is0:13:40.399,0:13:44.079 building a program0:13:42.079,0:13:46.000 building a process right it’s very0:13:44.079,0:13:46.399 linear you do this you do this you do0:13:46.000,0:13:48.240 this0:13:46.399,0:13:50.000 right here’s your cadence boom boom boom0:13:48.240,0:13:53.199 boom when we0:13:50.000,0:13:54.320 teach it yeah we are engaging in0:13:53.199,0:13:57.040 knowledge work0:13:54.320,0:13:58.720 right we want our teams to be critically0:13:57.040,0:14:01.199 thinking0:13:58.720,0:14:03.519 right where we may be doing a cadence0:14:01.199,0:14:05.199 but our sales process may go from step0:14:03.519,0:14:07.199 to step one to step eight0:14:05.199,0:14:08.399 or the exit criteria is all over the0:14:07.199,0:14:10.079 place right0:14:08.399,0:14:11.680 so it’s kind of like the grief process0:14:10.079,0:14:13.680 the grief process is linear0:14:11.680,0:14:16.000 and they say exactly wait wait wait wait0:14:13.680,0:14:19.440 are you actually saying buyers don’t buy0:14:16.000,0:14:21.440 along our journey that we set up never0:14:19.440,0:14:24.560 oh my god that’s i wouldn’t have thought0:14:21.440,0:14:26.320 of that that’s insane0:14:24.560,0:14:28.000 no but it’s critically important though0:14:26.320,0:14:29.440 you’re right though we have to teach0:14:28.000,0:14:30.000 them to understand what the hell they’re0:14:29.440,0:14:32.480 trying to do0:14:30.000,0:14:33.120 why they’re doing it and all of that and0:14:32.480,0:14:35.680 and it’s so0:14:33.120,0:14:36.959 important beyond really important what0:14:35.680,0:14:39.600 what really matters0:14:36.959,0:14:42.000 at the end of the day right yes so we0:14:39.600,0:14:44.000 need our forecasting to be accurate what0:14:42.000,0:14:45.760 you know what information are we trying0:14:44.000,0:14:47.920 to capture0:14:45.760,0:14:49.120 in order to coach in order to look at0:14:47.920,0:14:52.639 numbers right0:14:49.120,0:14:52.639 all of that is important0:14:53.040,0:14:56.639 but making sure they hit you know a0:14:54.720,0:14:59.680 buyer hits every stage0:14:56.639,0:15:04.160 probably not you know yet0:14:59.680,0:15:04.160 i have not hit this stage let’s go back0:15:04.399,0:15:08.720 yeah so i think it’s we have to from an0:15:07.839,0:15:10.959 enablement or0:15:08.720,0:15:12.560 training or even sales leader coaching0:15:10.959,0:15:15.440 perspective0:15:12.560,0:15:16.959 is recognize that we we have a linear0:15:15.440,0:15:18.160 process and we need one right that’s how0:15:16.959,0:15:20.560 we learn to drive0:15:18.160,0:15:21.519 it’s how we learn to do just about darn0:15:20.560,0:15:24.240 near everything0:15:21.519,0:15:27.360 yeah we have to be able to think0:15:24.240,0:15:30.480 critically within the system0:15:27.360,0:15:34.000 that’s such a hard thing to0:15:30.480,0:15:35.920 um to get people to understand sometimes0:15:34.000,0:15:38.160 yeah and i don’t mean even just at the0:15:35.920,0:15:40.639 individual contributor level just at0:15:38.160,0:15:43.680 every level of the organization that0:15:40.639,0:15:47.279 comfort both in terms of giving the0:15:43.680,0:15:49.759 the ability to live outside of these0:15:47.279,0:15:52.160 well this line that you’ve provided is0:15:49.759,0:15:54.399 so hard do you ever run into0:15:52.160,0:15:56.480 well you talk to a lot of people when0:15:54.399,0:15:57.519 you run into a leader that says no no i0:15:56.480,0:16:01.519 need them to follow this0:15:57.519,0:16:04.160 exactly does that happen and how do you0:16:01.519,0:16:07.040 battle that or or convince them that0:16:04.160,0:16:12.079 they need to grow a little bit0:16:07.040,0:16:14.240 more creative yeah sorry you know0:16:12.079,0:16:15.440 i’ll let it go sometimes right so this0:16:14.240,0:16:17.600 is where kind of the nuance and0:16:15.440,0:16:19.519 discernment come in and yeah0:16:17.600,0:16:21.040 you know typically when i talk with0:16:19.519,0:16:22.480 folks or0:16:21.040,0:16:24.240 you know we’re talking in a broader0:16:22.480,0:16:26.079 sense too and i’ll say well you know0:16:24.240,0:16:27.360 what is your pre-hire assessment look0:16:26.079,0:16:30.480 like0:16:27.360,0:16:32.800 because that will shape0:16:30.480,0:16:35.199 a lot of what you’re bringing in right0:16:32.800,0:16:38.880 have you identified your ideal0:16:35.199,0:16:42.480 candidate profile for all of your roles0:16:38.880,0:16:44.800 what is your interview process right0:16:42.480,0:16:46.639 so if you’re if the whole mantra is you0:16:44.800,0:16:49.680 know bad breath is better than no breath0:16:46.639,0:16:52.240 then sure you’re gonna go communist0:16:49.680,0:16:54.560 right but if you’re like no we’re going0:16:52.240,0:16:57.440 to trust everybody0:16:54.560,0:16:59.360 right and we’re going to have this0:16:57.440,0:17:02.480 amazing interview process0:16:59.360,0:17:06.000 and vet out and and you know0:17:02.480,0:17:07.760 invest in understanding and creating a0:17:06.000,0:17:11.199 team0:17:07.760,0:17:13.120 then you can do capitalism so0:17:11.199,0:17:14.559 yeah that was probably one of my0:17:13.120,0:17:17.199 favorite you know0:17:14.559,0:17:19.439 30-second one-minute segments of the0:17:17.199,0:17:22.640 last long period of time0:17:19.439,0:17:24.400 because rarely does communism or bad0:17:22.640,0:17:26.720 breath or any of that come up0:17:24.400,0:17:27.600 in a conversation here and that was0:17:26.720,0:17:29.280 wonderful0:17:27.600,0:17:31.520 i had to laugh though a little bit0:17:29.280,0:17:31.520 though0:17:31.600,0:17:34.960 i i think there’s a lot of companies0:17:33.120,0:17:35.760 doing hiring really well i’ll say that0:17:34.960,0:17:37.760 at the beginning0:17:35.760,0:17:39.600 in terms of understanding their needs0:17:37.760,0:17:41.360 absolutely i bet sometimes you have that0:17:39.600,0:17:42.720 conversation and if you respond the way0:17:41.360,0:17:43.760 you just did they would0:17:42.720,0:17:46.640 that there are plenty of people that0:17:43.760,0:17:47.360 would go we don’t do any of that stuff0:17:46.640,0:17:48.640 we just0:17:47.360,0:17:50.080 the person seems like they’re pretty0:17:48.640,0:17:52.160 good and we hire them and if they don’t0:17:50.080,0:17:55.039 work out we fire them0:17:52.160,0:17:56.160 sure yeah and and i think just i don’t0:17:55.039,0:17:59.520 agree with it0:17:56.160,0:18:01.520 but i’m saying no and i agree with you0:17:59.520,0:18:02.720 john right i mean just like all of us0:18:01.520,0:18:04.080 right we have things we’re good at we0:18:02.720,0:18:06.480 have things we’re not we’ve got0:18:04.080,0:18:08.720 to learn if you’re a leader though0:18:06.480,0:18:12.840 running a company0:18:08.720,0:18:17.440 right and we have a very rigid0:18:12.840,0:18:21.520 mindset you reap what you sow0:18:17.440,0:18:22.320 amen right and you know the mantra of oh0:18:21.520,0:18:24.400 it’s always0:18:22.320,0:18:25.919 worked in the past it’ll continue to0:18:24.400,0:18:29.400 work now0:18:25.919,0:18:32.720 okay kodak rand mcnally0:18:29.400,0:18:35.840 blockbuster you know what i mean0:18:32.720,0:18:38.080 so i think i get it0:18:35.840,0:18:39.440 um there was this really interesting0:18:38.080,0:18:41.840 article too though that was talking0:18:39.440,0:18:42.960 about the rate of change right and being0:18:41.840,0:18:46.799 able to be adaptive0:18:42.960,0:18:48.880 and flexible and stuff and so i i get it0:18:46.799,0:18:50.559 but if we’re not willing to invest in0:18:48.880,0:18:51.679 the age of social media and things of0:18:50.559,0:18:53.200 that nature0:18:51.679,0:18:54.799 our reputation professionally our0:18:53.200,0:18:56.480 reputation as a company0:18:54.799,0:18:58.480 and that’s what i share with folks that0:18:56.480,0:19:00.240 don’t want to invest in that particular0:18:58.480,0:19:01.360 area is0:19:00.240,0:19:03.200 you know you’ve got folks that are0:19:01.360,0:19:04.080 looking at glass door reviews you’ve got0:19:03.200,0:19:06.799 folks that are0:19:04.080,0:19:08.080 are looking at employer of choice you0:19:06.799,0:19:10.400 know what i mean so if you’re not0:19:08.080,0:19:11.840 employer of choice0:19:10.400,0:19:13.600 and if we haven’t taken the time to0:19:11.840,0:19:14.960 identify your culture and what you stand0:19:13.600,0:19:16.000 for and your values and all that good0:19:14.960,0:19:17.520 stuff0:19:16.000,0:19:21.039 you get what you get and you don’t get0:19:17.520,0:19:22.799 to be upset and that’s0:19:21.039,0:19:24.400 you right there i could tell you have0:19:22.799,0:19:26.320 kids because i remember saying that to0:19:24.400,0:19:29.520 my kids when they were younger0:19:26.320,0:19:31.200 um but besides that i love i love the0:19:29.520,0:19:32.559 direction you took all of this because0:19:31.200,0:19:33.919 it really does come down to0:19:32.559,0:19:34.799 understanding the culture you’re trying0:19:33.919,0:19:36.880 to build0:19:34.799,0:19:38.160 the team and all of that let me skip0:19:36.880,0:19:39.840 ahead though because i feel like we0:19:38.160,0:19:41.360 could spend three hours on that0:19:39.840,0:19:42.880 and i actually would love to come back0:19:41.360,0:19:44.160 to that another day0:19:42.880,0:19:46.000 yeah and i’m gonna make you come back0:19:44.160,0:19:47.280 and have that conversation but talk to0:19:46.000,0:19:49.919 me a little bit about tech stacks0:19:47.280,0:19:53.039 without without naming specific products0:19:49.919,0:19:54.720 i would love to hear your insights0:19:53.039,0:19:56.240 anything you’re comfortable sharing or0:19:54.720,0:19:57.760 have for general thoughts on0:19:56.240,0:20:00.080 you know if you’re an inside sales team0:19:57.760,0:20:01.919 today what tools do you need to make0:20:00.080,0:20:05.840 sure you have0:20:01.919,0:20:07.360 yeah a pencil or a pen and a piece of0:20:05.840,0:20:08.480 paper because they don’t run out of0:20:07.360,0:20:10.400 batteries0:20:08.480,0:20:12.960 they’re not subject to internet0:20:10.400,0:20:15.760 connectivity or your wi-fi0:20:12.960,0:20:17.600 um yeah when all the kids were home and0:20:15.760,0:20:19.760 stuff and doing distance learning0:20:17.600,0:20:22.080 right around two o’clock the internet0:20:19.760,0:20:24.000 just got sluggish because everybody was0:20:22.080,0:20:27.360 done with distance learning right0:20:24.000,0:20:28.960 yeah um so i think again a lot of times0:20:27.360,0:20:33.120 people0:20:28.960,0:20:34.880 the the work to focus on and create a0:20:33.120,0:20:36.960 process0:20:34.880,0:20:38.320 understanding the handoffs right it0:20:36.960,0:20:40.960 doesn’t have to be0:20:38.320,0:20:44.159 so my uncle was a member of mensah he0:20:40.960,0:20:47.840 was a genius he was in the military0:20:44.159,0:20:48.559 he wrote user manuals for nuclear power0:20:47.840,0:20:51.120 plants0:20:48.559,0:20:53.200 oh my god i’ve actually doesn’t matter0:20:51.120,0:20:55.280 how but i have read those and those are0:20:53.200,0:20:58.000 insane0:20:55.280,0:20:59.039 so that i mean i mean they’re insane0:20:58.000,0:20:59.760 because they’re so much smarter than i0:20:59.039,0:21:02.880 will ever be0:20:59.760,0:21:06.720 but there’s a lot there yeah0:21:02.880,0:21:11.039 that that book needs to be correct0:21:06.720,0:21:14.480 right it does yeah your0:21:11.039,0:21:16.480 sales process probably needs to be about0:21:14.480,0:21:19.679 it in 80 or 900:21:16.480,0:21:20.640 right you need to have a process for the0:21:19.679,0:21:22.960 800:21:20.640,0:21:24.880 of your customers that need to that do0:21:22.960,0:21:28.080 need to go into a flow0:21:24.880,0:21:30.080 yeah right we cannot scale in an0:21:28.080,0:21:32.400 exception-based business0:21:30.080,0:21:34.240 right unless oh absolutely unless you’re0:21:32.400,0:21:36.400 a professional services business0:21:34.240,0:21:37.440 with 10 customers you need something0:21:36.400,0:21:39.679 scalable0:21:37.440,0:21:41.039 yeah so it and i think again it kind of0:21:39.679,0:21:42.480 comes back to knowing yourself so if0:21:41.039,0:21:44.240 you’re like no we are boutique we do0:21:42.480,0:21:47.440 everything semi-custom built0:21:44.240,0:21:50.240 fine do that but if you are0:21:47.440,0:21:52.320 a you know tech company or whoever and0:21:50.240,0:21:54.000 you want to grow and scale0:21:52.320,0:21:56.000 then you have to dial it in a little bit0:21:54.000,0:21:58.320 more so before0:21:56.000,0:21:59.919 folks are investing in a tech stack you0:21:58.320,0:22:00.960 have to be able to do the crawl walk0:21:59.919,0:22:02.640 before you can run0:22:00.960,0:22:04.480 otherwise you’re going to run on flat0:22:02.640,0:22:07.039 tires yep yep0:22:04.480,0:22:09.200 agreed okay in terms of setting up a0:22:07.039,0:22:10.320 sales process dude do you find people0:22:09.200,0:22:12.000 struggling with that0:22:10.320,0:22:13.600 in terms of when just on the inside0:22:12.000,0:22:15.360 sales side of the world0:22:13.600,0:22:16.960 people tend to struggle on coming up0:22:15.360,0:22:19.440 with good cadences and i know that’s0:22:16.960,0:22:21.919 just one small piece of it but0:22:19.440,0:22:23.120 i i i don’t think so john i think and0:22:21.919,0:22:24.799 i’d love you to hear what you have to0:22:23.120,0:22:27.520 say about this i think it’s more about0:22:24.799,0:22:30.960 the ongoing communication0:22:27.520,0:22:34.159 and coaching to the process0:22:30.960,0:22:36.480 right i think as leaders and i am just0:22:34.159,0:22:38.559 as guilty of this right whether0:22:36.480,0:22:40.159 i was with teams or with my kiddos right0:22:38.559,0:22:41.679 like good god i just asked you to clean0:22:40.159,0:22:42.720 up your room what is just going you know0:22:41.679,0:22:45.440 what i mean0:22:42.720,0:22:47.120 this is not that complicated seriously0:22:45.440,0:22:48.240 you know0:22:47.120,0:22:49.280 i looked at my daughter the other day0:22:48.240,0:22:50.480 and i was like i’m coming to your house0:22:49.280,0:22:50.960 and i’m leaving stuff out everywhere0:22:50.480,0:22:52.240 she’s like0:22:50.960,0:22:54.640 you’re not coming over and i’m like i’m0:22:52.240,0:22:58.159 going to get right0:22:54.640,0:23:01.520 i think as leaders and whether0:22:58.159,0:23:04.559 as a leader by title or deed we forget0:23:01.520,0:23:07.760 that we are also evangelists0:23:04.559,0:23:08.880 and when you’re an evangelist you repeat0:23:07.760,0:23:12.000 yourself0:23:08.880,0:23:14.159 early and often amen and0:23:12.000,0:23:15.840 the process is easy right and and i0:23:14.159,0:23:17.520 think sometimes we enjoy that gets a0:23:15.840,0:23:21.039 little creative right0:23:17.520,0:23:22.799 the communication the the people0:23:21.039,0:23:24.640 persuasion0:23:22.799,0:23:26.720 and that’s where the the adult learner0:23:24.640,0:23:29.360 theory comes in right and kind of how do0:23:26.720,0:23:32.480 you move those needles per se0:23:29.360,0:23:34.320 so that’s the hard part love it0:23:32.480,0:23:35.600 love it i’m going to skip ahead and i’m0:23:34.320,0:23:38.080 going to ask you this because this was0:23:35.600,0:23:40.720 so impressed me dion about you0:23:38.080,0:23:43.200 that i mean the cat behind you just0:23:40.720,0:23:46.559 didn’t even come close0:23:43.200,0:23:49.120 you are an expert in residence oh yeah0:23:46.559,0:23:50.159 do you see irvine what the hell is an0:23:49.120,0:23:52.400 expert in residence0:23:50.159,0:23:54.080 i’m not an actor in my own home so i0:23:52.400,0:23:57.360 don’t know how you do that0:23:54.080,0:23:57.919 yeah so it’s a title right um and so a0:23:57.360,0:24:02.080 lot of0:23:57.919,0:24:03.440 universities have their mentor programs0:24:02.080,0:24:05.279 right so some of them call them0:24:03.440,0:24:07.120 innovation advisors some call them0:24:05.279,0:24:09.360 experts in residence0:24:07.120,0:24:10.159 so i encourage everybody to go to your0:24:09.360,0:24:13.200 local0:24:10.159,0:24:16.320 university and a lot of them will have a0:24:13.200,0:24:18.240 startup incubator and they have0:24:16.320,0:24:19.679 an innovation advisor or expert in0:24:18.240,0:24:21.440 residence um0:24:19.679,0:24:22.720 program and so it’s it’s a mentor0:24:21.440,0:24:25.600 program0:24:22.720,0:24:27.520 for uh it’s wonderful to be here yeah0:24:25.600,0:24:29.840 because a lot of folks are doing product0:24:27.520,0:24:31.360 and there and it’s amazing you know the0:24:29.840,0:24:32.799 the sales and marketing pieces0:24:31.360,0:24:34.000 is left by the wayside right if they0:24:32.799,0:24:35.919 build it they will come which never0:24:34.000,0:24:38.159 works except in the movies0:24:35.919,0:24:39.039 yeah i’ve seen plenty of great ideas go0:24:38.159,0:24:41.520 nowhere0:24:39.039,0:24:42.960 totally we have them all the time at0:24:41.520,0:24:44.799 least 100 today0:24:42.960,0:24:46.559 oh i do too most of them aren’t worth0:24:44.799,0:24:46.960 sharing but every once in a while one of0:24:46.559,0:24:50.480 them0:24:46.960,0:24:52.640 is not bad not bad um0:24:50.480,0:24:53.600 wireless power i came up with that years0:24:52.640,0:24:54.799 ago0:24:53.600,0:24:56.720 i didn’t have the skills to figure out0:24:54.799,0:24:58.559 how to make it happen but it was a great0:24:56.720,0:25:00.400 idea0:24:58.559,0:25:02.880 let me ask you this you are doing some0:25:00.400,0:25:05.039 other cool projects though0:25:02.880,0:25:06.159 share with us a little bit about one or0:25:05.039,0:25:09.520 two of those0:25:06.159,0:25:12.000 yeah absolutely so um i i still have0:25:09.520,0:25:14.640 inside sales by design i love it and we0:25:12.000,0:25:15.679 are growing like gangbusters so it’s0:25:14.640,0:25:19.120 amazing0:25:15.679,0:25:20.720 um and then uh chad burmeister and0:25:19.120,0:25:22.159 gerhardt from selling power and i got0:25:20.720,0:25:24.480 together at the end of0:25:22.159,0:25:26.840 february beginning of march and fast0:25:24.480,0:25:28.799 forward to august we were able to launch0:25:26.840,0:25:31.279 salesclass.ai0:25:28.799,0:25:33.039 where we went to the community a lot of0:25:31.279,0:25:33.600 the folks that you and i both know0:25:33.039,0:25:37.360 they’re so0:25:33.600,0:25:38.960 so excellent at educating folks on sale0:25:37.360,0:25:39.919 sales process sales training sales0:25:38.960,0:25:43.279 coaching0:25:39.919,0:25:46.320 right all that good stuff and they0:25:43.279,0:25:47.440 the community is so generous right so um0:25:46.320,0:25:49.200 they were able to bring a lot of the0:25:47.440,0:25:51.840 content together so we launched a0:25:49.200,0:25:54.320 platform called salesclass.ai0:25:51.840,0:25:56.320 with over 2000 different videos across0:25:54.320,0:25:58.880 eight different categories0:25:56.320,0:25:59.840 amazing um you know everything from0:25:58.880,0:26:02.000 negotiation0:25:59.840,0:26:05.200 with eric reifenberg to tools with nancy0:26:02.000,0:26:06.720 norton to digital sales with vangresso0:26:05.200,0:26:08.640 right the sales training with tom0:26:06.720,0:26:12.000 stanfield and aslan0:26:08.640,0:26:13.679 so just amazing content0:26:12.000,0:26:15.520 um so we were we were able to launch0:26:13.679,0:26:16.799 that and then part of that too is0:26:15.520,0:26:19.279 launching0:26:16.799,0:26:20.960 sales class live sessions where a lot of0:26:19.279,0:26:22.799 those folks come back mario’s doing a0:26:20.960,0:26:25.279 three-part digital sales0:26:22.799,0:26:26.400 session starting he’s so fun and he’s0:26:25.279,0:26:28.480 smart0:26:26.400,0:26:29.520 but he’s so fun and amazing to listen to0:26:28.480,0:26:31.440 as well yeah0:26:29.520,0:26:32.799 yeah so if you all get a chance i would0:26:31.440,0:26:34.880 say you know if you’re looking for0:26:32.799,0:26:37.600 something for your team it’s not an lms0:26:34.880,0:26:38.559 right it’s powered by ai so you can go0:26:37.600,0:26:41.440 in0:26:38.559,0:26:43.279 do a little slider work on the you know0:26:41.440,0:26:44.720 how are you feeling on this particular0:26:43.279,0:26:46.799 piece today and0:26:44.720,0:26:48.320 you know there’s courses there’s videos0:26:46.799,0:26:50.559 there’s podcasts0:26:48.320,0:26:52.159 so it’s a it’s a wealth of information0:26:50.559,0:26:55.520 it’s a great it’s a great0:26:52.159,0:26:56.640 concept much needed i know linkedin has0:26:55.520,0:26:58.559 a great set of0:26:56.640,0:27:00.080 training classes as well so there’s0:26:58.559,0:27:02.159 multiple places0:27:00.080,0:27:03.840 yeah um with different different niches0:27:02.159,0:27:04.320 of information so i do encourage people0:27:03.840,0:27:07.440 to check0:27:04.320,0:27:07.840 out salesclass.ai as well simply because0:27:07.440,0:27:10.960 look0:27:07.840,0:27:12.240 we all have so much to learn uh check0:27:10.960,0:27:13.679 out these different sources of0:27:12.240,0:27:15.600 information and you guys0:27:13.679,0:27:17.120 you all of you have done an amazing job0:27:15.600,0:27:18.000 of pulling together a lot of great0:27:17.120,0:27:20.000 content so0:27:18.000,0:27:21.760 thank you yeah let me ask you this0:27:20.000,0:27:24.080 though we’re almost 27 we’re all0:27:21.760,0:27:26.159 heading towards 30 minutes in your cat0:27:24.080,0:27:30.240 just left so i’m getting bored now dion0:27:26.159,0:27:31.919 i’m sorry what didn’t we talk about0:27:30.240,0:27:33.440 anything that you’re like john i wish i0:27:31.919,0:27:34.960 could have said this0:27:33.440,0:27:37.039 whether it was about inside sales0:27:34.960,0:27:38.240 specifically or anything else0:27:37.039,0:27:40.320 that you’re like geez i wish i had a0:27:38.240,0:27:44.799 chance to share that yeah0:27:40.320,0:27:48.399 so i i think0:27:44.799,0:27:49.840 you know for this is a great opportunity0:27:48.399,0:27:52.159 right i’m not going to say never waste a0:27:49.840,0:27:54.480 crisis because i think that statement0:27:52.159,0:27:55.919 right up there with the word hacker just0:27:54.480,0:27:57.600 the hair on the back of my neck stands0:27:55.919,0:27:59.360 up a little cringe-worthy yeah0:27:57.600,0:28:01.120 little cringe-worthy ever made everybody0:27:59.360,0:28:02.240 has a thing right there are certain0:28:01.120,0:28:05.440 birds right0:28:02.240,0:28:06.880 so um you know people can like those0:28:05.440,0:28:11.039 things but it’s just not0:28:06.880,0:28:15.200 it’s not for me i think um0:28:11.039,0:28:18.720 you know this this is a great time0:28:15.200,0:28:21.840 to slow down0:28:18.720,0:28:25.039 and reassess personal0:28:21.840,0:28:28.960 and professional values0:28:25.039,0:28:31.760 and hold the line0:28:28.960,0:28:32.480 right so if if you don’t know what you0:28:31.760,0:28:35.600 stand for0:28:32.480,0:28:38.640 you’re gonna fall for anything and0:28:35.600,0:28:42.480 i think this is a great time0:28:38.640,0:28:45.120 for authenticity to come out boundaries0:28:42.480,0:28:45.520 what do we work on how do we work on it0:28:45.120,0:28:48.159 right0:28:45.520,0:28:49.440 and just being able to double down on0:28:48.159,0:28:51.760 being deliberate0:28:49.440,0:28:53.279 is is is such a good thing right now i’m0:28:51.760,0:28:56.399 not saying i’m really good at it0:28:53.279,0:28:58.880 but i’m trying and i think this is a0:28:56.399,0:29:01.440 good time to examine0:28:58.880,0:29:03.760 what we need to focus on i love that and0:29:01.440,0:29:06.080 look we’re all works in progress0:29:03.760,0:29:08.159 some of us are further on one path and0:29:06.080,0:29:11.360 further behind on another path0:29:08.159,0:29:14.080 but i think i want to echo that just0:29:11.360,0:29:15.440 really quickly at the end it is a great0:29:14.080,0:29:17.360 time whether you’re talking about0:29:15.440,0:29:19.279 personal development and growth0:29:17.360,0:29:21.679 in terms of understanding where you are0:29:19.279,0:29:24.799 skill wise and where you need to get to0:29:21.679,0:29:26.480 or any other area of your life where you0:29:24.799,0:29:28.799 need to work on so0:29:26.480,0:29:30.960 um hell heaven knows i have plenty of0:29:28.799,0:29:31.840 areas myself and i i strongly focus on0:29:30.960,0:29:34.320 them0:29:31.840,0:29:35.919 and it’s a struggle every day but i0:29:34.320,0:29:36.960 think that’s a great reminder dion i0:29:35.919,0:29:38.960 really do0:29:36.960,0:29:40.000 yeah thanks i i agree with you john0:29:38.960,0:29:43.840 right we’re all we all0:29:40.000,0:29:45.919 have a thing right so and that’s okay0:29:43.840,0:29:47.520 and the more grace we can we can bring0:29:45.919,0:29:49.039 to ourselves and others the better off0:29:47.520,0:29:52.240 the world is going to be0:29:49.039,0:29:53.200 i love ending right there thank you dion0:29:52.240,0:29:54.159 thank you so much and thank you0:29:53.200,0:29:56.799 everybody for listening0:29:54.159,0:29:58.000 in i appreciate you and we’re going to0:29:56.799,0:29:59.760 come back and we’re going to talk about0:29:58.000,0:30:03.120 many other topics in the future0:29:59.760,0:30:03.120 in the not too distant future0:30:03.279,0:30:06.640 and i’ll meet your cat i love you okay i0:30:05.919,0:30:09.360 have another one0:30:06.640,0:30:10.320 and two dogs and two kids so it’s a goal0:30:09.360,0:30:11.919 oh my god0:30:10.320,0:30:14.559 okay we’ll have a round table approach0:30:11.919,0:30:14.559 to the next one0:30:14.720,0:30:19.360 take care dion bye-bye thank you bye-bye

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