Eddy Morris is the Sales Enablement Program Manager at Pluralsight.  In his first session, back on October 1st, Eddy provided an excellent overview of SDR/BDR/ADM Enablement (building programs, onboarding, skilling towards sales roles, culture, partnering with Stakeholders, etc.).

In this episode, Eddy is back to go deeper on all of these topics.

Give a listen to Eddy Morris as he walks us through the approach he followed, in collaboration with a brilliant head of business development and great partners across the sales leadership team.

Eddy walks through:

1️⃣ The WHY for the program and the goals  it was meant to deliver upon.

2️⃣ The capabilities that were being taught and how success was measured.

3️⃣ How they used real accounts to train reps on research, messaging, and so forth.

And tons more. Great conversation, Eddy, thanks for the great conversation and wonderful collaboration!


0:00:00.000,0:00:03.520 collaborator and i’m here again with0:00:01.439,0:00:06.879 eddie morris eddie0:00:03.520,0:00:09.280 you my man are a real hero of mine0:00:06.879,0:00:10.880 eddie came on about a month ago to talk0:00:09.280,0:00:12.799 about this subject we talked about0:00:10.880,0:00:14.480 everything but this subject and it was a0:00:12.799,0:00:15.759 great conversation0:00:14.480,0:00:18.000 but i’m really appreciative of you0:00:15.759,0:00:19.279 coming back today to talk about the0:00:18.000,0:00:20.480 topic at hand0:00:19.279,0:00:22.640 you want to do you want to take a minute0:00:20.480,0:00:24.320 to introduce yourself sure0:00:22.640,0:00:26.160 uh yeah thanks for having me back john0:00:24.320,0:00:28.320 it’s great to be with you we had uh a0:00:26.160,0:00:30.480 lot of fun last time as you said but0:00:28.320,0:00:32.000 my name is eddie morris i am a0:00:30.480,0:00:35.040 enablement program manager0:00:32.000,0:00:37.120 at pluralsight right now and i support0:00:35.040,0:00:39.760 primarily the north america sales team0:00:37.120,0:00:42.000 and the biz dev team there0:00:39.760,0:00:42.879 and prior to that i spent quite a bit of0:00:42.000,0:00:46.160 time doing0:00:42.879,0:00:47.600 bdr sdr enablement and uh since we0:00:46.160,0:00:48.480 didn’t get to talk about that so much0:00:47.600,0:00:49.760 last time0:00:48.480,0:00:52.000 that’s really where you wanted to drive0:00:49.760,0:00:54.000 the conversation today yeah i’m stoked0:00:52.000,0:00:56.879 you know i i was hoping0:00:54.000,0:00:57.280 that have this conversation really be as0:00:56.879,0:01:00.640 as0:00:57.280,0:01:01.600 tactical and and uh tips based as0:01:00.640,0:01:03.199 possible0:01:01.600,0:01:04.879 and really if you could help us0:01:03.199,0:01:06.960 understand the0:01:04.879,0:01:10.000 code of the onboarding program you put0:01:06.960,0:01:11.200 forth for the sdrs and bdrs you were0:01:10.000,0:01:12.799 supporting0:01:11.200,0:01:14.640 i’d love to you know walk through that0:01:12.799,0:01:16.159 with you and and have people you know0:01:14.640,0:01:17.680 get some value from that0:01:16.159,0:01:19.680 because i know you did a lot of work on0:01:17.680,0:01:20.960 it maybe we could start right at the0:01:19.680,0:01:23.280 beginning though0:01:20.960,0:01:24.720 when you started out you know was there0:01:23.280,0:01:27.040 a program0:01:24.720,0:01:29.280 um and and what were the goals for sort0:01:27.040,0:01:31.680 of taking the next steps you did take0:01:29.280,0:01:33.600 yeah yeah that’s a great question so0:01:31.680,0:01:34.960 when i did start out there was there was0:01:33.600,0:01:38.400 a program0:01:34.960,0:01:40.079 um and one of the the managers there he0:01:38.400,0:01:42.560 was he was the enablement manager0:01:40.079,0:01:43.280 but also was managing one of the teams0:01:42.560,0:01:44.720 and so he0:01:43.280,0:01:46.320 you know was the first person to admit0:01:44.720,0:01:48.240 like i i can’t really dedicate0:01:46.320,0:01:49.600 my time equally to both of these things0:01:48.240,0:01:51.680 and and he was0:01:49.600,0:01:53.439 much more interested in taking a step in0:01:51.680,0:01:54.560 the management role and being a people0:01:53.439,0:01:56.320 leader and so0:01:54.560,0:01:58.240 we worked together for probably the0:01:56.320,0:02:00.799 first four0:01:58.240,0:02:02.079 weeks i was there uh we put together and0:02:00.799,0:02:03.360 i kind of took over0:02:02.079,0:02:05.439 some of the things he developed and he0:02:03.360,0:02:07.600 developed some really good things um0:02:05.439,0:02:09.119 he’s a great leader and really thought0:02:07.600,0:02:10.479 from the perspective of the the0:02:09.119,0:02:11.760 individual user0:02:10.479,0:02:13.920 and so he had some really good0:02:11.760,0:02:15.920 foundational stuff um0:02:13.920,0:02:17.040 but what i was able to do is write about0:02:15.920,0:02:20.560 the time that he0:02:17.040,0:02:21.760 uh shifted out of that business and into0:02:20.560,0:02:24.480 the leadership role0:02:21.760,0:02:25.200 we got a new leader of the organization0:02:24.480,0:02:26.560 and so0:02:25.200,0:02:28.720 he and i were able to put our heads0:02:26.560,0:02:30.160 together and really articulate like0:02:28.720,0:02:31.040 here’s what the programs look like so0:02:30.160,0:02:33.280 far0:02:31.040,0:02:35.040 um you know and and then work together0:02:33.280,0:02:36.319 on what we wanted the outcome to be of0:02:35.040,0:02:37.519 that program so let’s0:02:36.319,0:02:39.680 ask you what was the what was the0:02:37.519,0:02:41.360 motivation for them what was the outcome0:02:39.680,0:02:43.760 you were hoping to achieve0:02:41.360,0:02:45.760 yeah so i was fortunate early in my0:02:43.760,0:02:46.640 career to work at a instructional design0:02:45.760,0:02:49.760 firm0:02:46.640,0:02:50.000 and so i i got the opportunity to learn0:02:49.760,0:02:51.599 from0:02:50.000,0:02:53.519 really some of the best in the business0:02:51.599,0:02:56.239 about what good learning looks like and0:02:53.519,0:02:57.440 and driving outcome driven learning0:02:56.239,0:03:00.959 right that actually changed0:02:57.440,0:03:02.720 behavior and so for me it was a matter0:03:00.959,0:03:03.440 of you know having been an sdr having0:03:02.720,0:03:06.000 been in that0:03:03.440,0:03:06.959 in that seat before a understanding what0:03:06.000,0:03:08.400 the job entailed0:03:06.959,0:03:10.959 like what you had to be good at to be0:03:08.400,0:03:13.840 successful in that job and b0:03:10.959,0:03:15.680 um experiencing what it was like to be0:03:13.840,0:03:17.440 in that role and not have adequate0:03:15.680,0:03:18.560 support adequate training adequate0:03:17.440,0:03:20.720 resources0:03:18.560,0:03:22.400 um you know i don’t think anyone who’s0:03:20.720,0:03:24.159 familiar with the role is going to0:03:22.400,0:03:26.000 argue with the fact that the role of an0:03:24.159,0:03:26.879 sdr or bdr is one of the most difficult0:03:26.000,0:03:29.920 jobs in sales0:03:26.879,0:03:32.640 amen that’s a hard job that’s a hard job0:03:29.920,0:03:34.159 yeah it’s not forgiving um you know you0:03:32.640,0:03:36.560 get a lot of rejection0:03:34.159,0:03:38.159 a lot of effort put forward without0:03:36.560,0:03:39.680 immediate results and so it can be0:03:38.159,0:03:42.400 really really challenging0:03:39.680,0:03:44.159 and to ask someone and typically someone0:03:42.400,0:03:44.720 more junior in their career maybe even0:03:44.159,0:03:47.519 their first0:03:44.720,0:03:49.200 job out of college to get thrown into0:03:47.519,0:03:50.879 that kind of work situation0:03:49.200,0:03:52.480 and then not provide the right resources0:03:50.879,0:03:54.560 for them to be successful is0:03:52.480,0:03:56.319 is really just setting yourself as an0:03:54.560,0:03:57.280 organization and the individuals up for0:03:56.319,0:04:00.000 failure0:03:57.280,0:04:01.439 and so i wanted to avoid that you know i0:04:00.000,0:04:03.439 really wanted to make sure that people0:04:01.439,0:04:04.640 came on feeling like they were in a0:04:03.439,0:04:06.239 position to win0:04:04.640,0:04:07.519 that they had the tools and the the0:04:06.239,0:04:08.480 resources and the skills that they0:04:07.519,0:04:10.480 needed0:04:08.480,0:04:12.000 and and also to really set a strong0:04:10.480,0:04:14.319 foundation knowing that many of these0:04:12.000,0:04:17.600 individuals were going to go on to be in0:04:14.319,0:04:19.759 a sales role eventually and when you can0:04:17.600,0:04:21.840 you know set a really solid foundation0:04:19.759,0:04:23.120 as a sdr or bdr of building your own0:04:21.840,0:04:24.720 pipeline0:04:23.120,0:04:26.800 it makes stepping into a role like that0:04:24.720,0:04:28.560 so much easier awesome i mean0:04:26.800,0:04:29.840 when you guys started out you know you0:04:28.560,0:04:31.680 and your new boss0:04:29.840,0:04:33.919 and started looking at the program what0:04:31.680,0:04:35.840 were you trying to accomplish you know0:04:33.919,0:04:38.240 from a from a business perspective was0:04:35.840,0:04:40.240 it a matter of hey we want these guys0:04:38.240,0:04:42.880 these these men and women stepping into0:04:40.240,0:04:44.960 the scr role to achieve0:04:42.880,0:04:47.040 act you know up up to speeds by a0:04:44.960,0:04:47.600 certain speed faster about a certain0:04:47.040,0:04:49.759 factor0:04:47.600,0:04:51.360 faster or what were you guys talking0:04:49.759,0:04:53.600 about and how were you going to measure0:04:51.360,0:04:54.720 the success of it yeah so there was a0:04:53.600,0:04:56.000 couple of things that were really0:04:54.720,0:04:58.400 important to him as the new0:04:56.000,0:05:00.000 leader of the biz dev org and he was0:04:58.400,0:05:01.919 very much a culture0:05:00.000,0:05:04.080 driven leader he cared a lot about0:05:01.919,0:05:05.840 driving a positive culture0:05:04.080,0:05:07.520 but he didn’t let that detract from0:05:05.840,0:05:10.560 being a performance-driven culture0:05:07.520,0:05:11.199 right he he felt and i feel the same way0:05:10.560,0:05:13.600 that they’re0:05:11.199,0:05:15.520 really you can’t separate the two if you0:05:13.600,0:05:18.560 want to have a happy organization0:05:15.520,0:05:20.000 and so for him it was a matter of we’ve0:05:18.560,0:05:21.680 gotta a perform0:05:20.000,0:05:23.360 like the the outcome of whatever this0:05:21.680,0:05:25.280 program is that someone can come out of0:05:23.360,0:05:26.800 onboarding and hit their ramp goal0:05:25.280,0:05:28.479 and that month later they can hit their0:05:26.800,0:05:30.639 full quota because that was how we had0:05:28.479,0:05:31.919 structured it in within our organization0:05:30.639,0:05:33.360 so that was the number one outcome is0:05:31.919,0:05:34.960 can they actually do their job when they0:05:33.360,0:05:38.080 get how can they hit their number0:05:34.960,0:05:41.600 and then b is were the0:05:38.080,0:05:43.520 skills that we were developing a0:05:41.600,0:05:45.039 like driving the right kind of behaviors0:05:43.520,0:05:46.560 and best-in-class skills0:05:45.039,0:05:48.639 and were they skills that they could0:05:46.560,0:05:50.080 build upon that would0:05:48.639,0:05:51.600 help them hit their number because i0:05:50.080,0:05:53.039 think where a big disconnect happens0:05:51.600,0:05:54.160 between enablement and the field so0:05:53.039,0:05:56.319 often0:05:54.160,0:05:58.479 is we come up with like conceptual0:05:56.319,0:05:59.840 things or theoretical ideas and say like0:05:58.479,0:06:01.440 in theory this works0:05:59.840,0:06:03.440 but then the field rep goes and says0:06:01.440,0:06:05.280 like yeah but it doesn’t actually0:06:03.440,0:06:07.199 nothing nothing of it that works in real0:06:05.280,0:06:08.639 life like you know i kept laughing0:06:07.199,0:06:10.800 i’m laughing because i agree with you0:06:08.639,0:06:12.720 eddie yeah be too often we don’t0:06:10.800,0:06:14.960 we don’t have a conversation with the0:06:12.720,0:06:17.120 people we’re delivering the information0:06:14.960,0:06:20.479 the training whatever for and we’re just0:06:17.120,0:06:22.080 like hey i read a book this is awesome0:06:20.479,0:06:24.319 and then we get frustrated that it’s not0:06:22.080,0:06:26.639 used yeah and0:06:24.319,0:06:28.160 you know one of them yeah yeah one of my0:06:26.639,0:06:30.160 least favorite things to hear0:06:28.160,0:06:32.400 uh from a field from filler but still is0:06:30.160,0:06:34.400 is like i’ve tried that it doesn’t work0:06:32.400,0:06:36.479 and and you know that can mean two0:06:34.400,0:06:38.000 things one can mean that like a0:06:36.479,0:06:40.000 the stuff you asking them to do just0:06:38.000,0:06:40.880 isn’t correct right like it really0:06:40.000,0:06:43.919 doesn’t work0:06:40.880,0:06:45.280 or b um that they have tried it0:06:43.919,0:06:46.319 half-heartedly or maybe tried it0:06:45.280,0:06:47.600 inappropriately0:06:46.319,0:06:49.599 and didn’t see the results that they0:06:47.600,0:06:51.120 wanted especially when those results0:06:49.599,0:06:51.599 come over time and usually it’s a mix of0:06:51.120,0:06:53.199 the two0:06:51.599,0:06:54.960 right like you’re not taking feedback of0:06:53.199,0:06:56.479 practical application and they don’t0:06:54.960,0:06:57.280 believe in what you’re asking them to do0:06:56.479,0:07:00.080 so they0:06:57.280,0:07:01.199 they’re gonna stop doing it right and so0:07:00.080,0:07:03.599 really looking at0:07:01.199,0:07:04.479 what are the best practices we can build0:07:03.599,0:07:07.680 here0:07:04.479,0:07:10.240 that we can help our reps to0:07:07.680,0:07:11.599 build those skills that are a best in0:07:10.240,0:07:13.440 class but also be that are going to0:07:11.599,0:07:15.520 provide results so that when a rep0:07:13.440,0:07:16.960 starts when they get out of the gate0:07:15.520,0:07:18.479 they can get to their territory and0:07:16.960,0:07:18.880 start doing these things and start0:07:18.479,0:07:21.199 saying0:07:18.880,0:07:22.400 oh okay i can trust in this because i’m0:07:21.199,0:07:24.319 getting the results i want0:07:22.400,0:07:25.599 i love that let me let me step back for0:07:24.319,0:07:28.880 two seconds so eddie use0:07:25.599,0:07:31.919 um because i like the message of0:07:28.880,0:07:33.360 performance but let’s make it a fun0:07:31.919,0:07:34.080 place too and you didn’t quite say it0:07:33.360,0:07:35.680 that way but0:07:34.080,0:07:37.919 but you want it to be a good place to0:07:35.680,0:07:40.240 work but you got to deliver0:07:37.919,0:07:41.039 it was there the concept of look if0:07:40.240,0:07:44.879 you’re not0:07:41.039,0:07:46.800 able to get through this program0:07:44.879,0:07:48.479 you got more time was it a matter of you0:07:46.800,0:07:51.120 couldn’t get through this program0:07:48.479,0:07:52.639 sorry this isn’t the place for you and0:07:51.120,0:07:54.720 i’m just curious because it’s always a0:07:52.639,0:07:56.879 debate with people on0:07:54.720,0:08:00.400 how to what’s the best approach in my0:07:56.879,0:08:01.919 opinion if you can’t do the job0:08:00.400,0:08:03.199 you shouldn’t be in the job now maybe0:08:01.919,0:08:04.639 that’s another opportunity in the0:08:03.199,0:08:06.080 business or whatever but i’m curious on0:08:04.639,0:08:08.000 how you approach that0:08:06.080,0:08:09.440 yeah and and ultimately you know as an0:08:08.000,0:08:11.360 enablement practitioner0:08:09.440,0:08:13.039 um the personnel decisions weren’t0:08:11.360,0:08:15.840 weren’t mine to make0:08:13.039,0:08:16.560 you know exactly yeah and i was involved0:08:15.840,0:08:18.400 luckily0:08:16.560,0:08:19.759 you know working with this leader he was0:08:18.400,0:08:21.680 a great partner and0:08:19.759,0:08:23.280 you know invited me to participate in0:08:21.680,0:08:24.319 the interviewing process and to give my0:08:23.280,0:08:26.639 feedback on that0:08:24.319,0:08:27.759 awesome um and some we got quite a bit0:08:26.639,0:08:29.280 of feedback that the0:08:27.759,0:08:31.120 the onboarding process was fairly0:08:29.280,0:08:34.159 rigorous uh you know0:08:31.120,0:08:35.279 um so we got that feedback a lot and we0:08:34.159,0:08:36.959 had to have a couple of hard0:08:35.279,0:08:39.200 conversations about you know is this too0:08:36.959,0:08:42.640 hard are we making this too difficult0:08:39.200,0:08:44.480 and after going back to talking to some0:08:42.640,0:08:47.120 reps who had been in seat for a while0:08:44.480,0:08:48.800 um kind of the response we got was yeah0:08:47.120,0:08:50.640 the onboarding program is hard but so0:08:48.800,0:08:54.560 was this job0:08:50.640,0:08:55.920 like and and uh for the most part0:08:54.560,0:08:58.800 people who are struggling with the0:08:55.920,0:09:00.000 onboarding load um0:08:58.800,0:09:01.200 you know it was one of those situations0:09:00.000,0:09:01.920 where we stepped back and said okay we0:09:01.200,0:09:03.279 can work with you0:09:01.920,0:09:04.959 like as long as you’re willing to put in0:09:03.279,0:09:05.680 the awesome we’ll work with you no0:09:04.959,0:09:07.680 problem0:09:05.680,0:09:10.160 and there was a couple of people a0:09:07.680,0:09:12.160 couple of instances i’d say when um0:09:10.160,0:09:13.680 maybe it was just not a good hiring fit0:09:12.160,0:09:14.320 like they didn’t want to put in the work0:09:13.680,0:09:15.360 they weren’t0:09:14.320,0:09:17.600 they thought they were getting involved0:09:15.360,0:09:20.160 in something that that was not the case0:09:17.600,0:09:21.279 or um or maybe the aptitude just truly0:09:20.160,0:09:23.040 was not there0:09:21.279,0:09:24.320 i think that was probably the least0:09:23.040,0:09:26.320 likely scenario0:09:24.320,0:09:27.440 um because i think in a role like the0:09:26.320,0:09:29.600 sdr0:09:27.440,0:09:31.120 role the bdr role if the attitude is0:09:29.600,0:09:31.600 there and the work ethic is there you0:09:31.120,0:09:33.920 can0:09:31.600,0:09:35.279 it’s a role you can’t outwork it helps a0:09:33.920,0:09:37.279 lot when you have the right skills and0:09:35.279,0:09:40.240 the right you know the right uh0:09:37.279,0:09:41.519 you know um proficiencies but if you’re0:09:40.240,0:09:44.080 willing to work hard enough like0:09:41.519,0:09:46.240 you can get your number i like it i like0:09:44.080,0:09:49.760 it i agree with you so let’s skip ahead0:09:46.240,0:09:50.000 how did you determine what the program0:09:49.760,0:09:51.600 would0:09:50.000,0:09:54.160 look like you know what skills they0:09:51.600,0:09:56.000 needed to get how to actually deliver it0:09:54.160,0:09:56.959 how did that process go and then what0:09:56.000,0:09:59.040 did it look like0:09:56.959,0:10:01.519 after you figured it all out yeah0:09:59.040,0:10:03.120 honestly it was a matter of being0:10:01.519,0:10:05.040 being familiar enough with the role and0:10:03.120,0:10:07.680 working with the leadership to say like0:10:05.040,0:10:08.399 let’s talk about what a bdrs actually0:10:07.680,0:10:10.480 does0:10:08.399,0:10:12.000 yeah what do they actually do in their0:10:10.480,0:10:13.760 seat and you can break it down to a0:10:12.000,0:10:15.279 couple of really key activities right0:10:13.760,0:10:17.200 they’re on the phone they’re writing0:10:15.279,0:10:20.320 emails they’re doing research0:10:17.200,0:10:23.120 they’re social selling you know and that0:10:20.320,0:10:25.279 is pretty much their job you know like0:10:23.120,0:10:27.360 there’s not a lot too0:10:25.279,0:10:29.200 uh a lot more to it than that because0:10:27.360,0:10:30.560 they their job is primarily one function0:10:29.200,0:10:32.800 which is to get leads to get0:10:30.560,0:10:34.000 opportunities in the pipeline0:10:32.800,0:10:35.839 and when you understand that you can0:10:34.000,0:10:38.560 really boil that down and so0:10:35.839,0:10:40.000 everything that we did in the program0:10:38.560,0:10:41.440 was around how do we help0:10:40.000,0:10:43.519 someone be successful in one of those0:10:41.440,0:10:46.079 key areas researching0:10:43.519,0:10:46.800 you know emailing phone calls social0:10:46.079,0:10:48.800 selling0:10:46.800,0:10:50.480 so like like researching for example how0:10:48.800,0:10:51.839 how do you train people to be good at0:10:50.480,0:10:53.760 researching0:10:51.839,0:10:55.360 yeah because i think that’s i think some0:10:53.760,0:10:57.200 people naturally go i can pick up the0:10:55.360,0:10:59.120 phone and i can read a script0:10:57.200,0:11:00.480 and i can sound pretty good but0:10:59.120,0:11:02.079 researching is one that i0:11:00.480,0:11:04.160 it seems like people sometimes struggle0:11:02.079,0:11:06.079 with so how do you teach that0:11:04.160,0:11:07.760 yeah and and granted it depends on the0:11:06.079,0:11:08.800 type of organization you’re in right if0:11:07.760,0:11:11.279 it’s like a b2c0:11:08.800,0:11:12.480 sale or a really transactional sale like0:11:11.279,0:11:13.600 you’re not going to spend a lot of time0:11:12.480,0:11:16.480 doing the research0:11:13.600,0:11:18.320 exactly like you know enterprise0:11:16.480,0:11:19.839 strategic type sales with a more0:11:18.320,0:11:21.440 sophisticated sales motion like you0:11:19.839,0:11:23.120 better know who you’re talking to0:11:21.440,0:11:24.959 um especially if you’re trying to you0:11:23.120,0:11:27.519 know touch people that are0:11:24.959,0:11:28.399 um you know higher up in the org chart0:11:27.519,0:11:30.959 you know you0:11:28.399,0:11:32.320 if you you know missed the shot you kind0:11:30.959,0:11:34.079 of missed the shot with that you got0:11:32.320,0:11:37.200 expected you got one shot0:11:34.079,0:11:37.760 yeah so you know for us it was a matter0:11:37.200,0:11:39.600 of really0:11:37.760,0:11:41.120 understanding helping the reps0:11:39.600,0:11:42.480 understand the value proposition of the0:11:41.120,0:11:43.760 products we were offering0:11:42.480,0:11:45.519 like that’s the very first thing like0:11:43.760,0:11:46.800 you got to know what we do and what0:11:45.519,0:11:49.120 problems we solve0:11:46.800,0:11:50.160 amen check yeah yep and then once you0:11:49.120,0:11:52.160 know that then you got to know who0:11:50.160,0:11:53.440 you’re talking to so let’s go personas0:11:52.160,0:11:54.560 and we actually spent quite a quite a0:11:53.440,0:11:56.639 while on0:11:54.560,0:11:58.560 here’s the the jobs that we do here’s0:11:56.639,0:12:00.160 the the you know problems we solve the0:11:58.560,0:12:01.680 pains we solve for and then here are the0:12:00.160,0:12:04.480 the key people we sell to0:12:01.680,0:12:06.320 and here’s why they buy us okay know0:12:04.480,0:12:07.920 those two things0:12:06.320,0:12:09.519 then it’s a matter of just helping them0:12:07.920,0:12:12.399 connect the dots and saying0:12:09.519,0:12:13.519 okay if this is what a persona a you0:12:12.399,0:12:15.760 know a cfo0:12:13.519,0:12:18.320 a cmo cio whoever you’re selling to if0:12:15.760,0:12:21.200 this is what they’re looking for0:12:18.320,0:12:21.920 then let’s talk about doing the the0:12:21.200,0:12:24.000 mental0:12:21.920,0:12:25.279 exercise of saying how our products fit0:12:24.000,0:12:27.200 that need0:12:25.279,0:12:29.040 right how our products fit that need and0:12:27.200,0:12:30.639 if we can articulate that then0:12:29.040,0:12:32.160 the rest is just dressing around it0:12:30.639,0:12:34.399 right okay let’s talk about what kind of0:12:32.160,0:12:36.639 compelling events and triggers we’d see0:12:34.399,0:12:38.240 in this organization that indicate that0:12:36.639,0:12:39.200 this person’s experiencing those types0:12:38.240,0:12:40.800 of problems0:12:39.200,0:12:42.240 and how can we use that to build urgency0:12:40.800,0:12:44.000 in our messaging and so0:12:42.240,0:12:45.760 it really started with that foundation0:12:44.000,0:12:47.839 and then you know how do you find the0:12:45.760,0:12:49.440 the clues the red flags that say hey0:12:47.839,0:12:50.240 this person the buying signals that this0:12:49.440,0:12:52.000 person0:12:50.240,0:12:52.800 uh would be open to a conversation based0:12:52.000,0:12:54.240 on what’s happening in their0:12:52.800,0:12:55.839 organization right now0:12:54.240,0:12:59.120 nice and i i think that’s a great0:12:55.839,0:13:00.880 starting point eddie you know i always0:12:59.120,0:13:02.560 i always say to people you’re not0:13:00.880,0:13:04.320 selling to a persona you’re selling to a0:13:02.560,0:13:05.040 person so i’m kind of curious if there’s0:13:04.320,0:13:06.800 any0:13:05.040,0:13:08.399 tips or do you think i’m full of it0:13:06.800,0:13:10.560 which is okay too eddie0:13:08.399,0:13:12.240 but i’m kind of curious is there any0:13:10.560,0:13:14.560 tips or tricks or did you try to0:13:12.240,0:13:15.760 help them understand okay this person’s0:13:14.560,0:13:18.480 a cfo but0:13:15.760,0:13:20.160 here’s sort of some of their underlying0:13:18.480,0:13:22.639 way they think or or0:13:20.160,0:13:24.079 or what sort of stuff going on so that0:13:22.639,0:13:25.600 i’d love to hear your thoughts on that0:13:24.079,0:13:26.880 and i’d also love to hear your thoughts0:13:25.600,0:13:27.760 on well let’s start with that let’s0:13:26.880,0:13:29.440 start with that one0:13:27.760,0:13:32.639 you know is there a way to get more0:13:29.440,0:13:34.959 personal than simply the persona0:13:32.639,0:13:36.639 in in a real scalable way or in a way0:13:34.959,0:13:39.440 that works for sdrs0:13:36.639,0:13:40.639 yeah we were really really fortunate to0:13:39.440,0:13:42.880 have a tight partnership with our0:13:40.639,0:13:46.240 product marketing team who put out0:13:42.880,0:13:47.920 in my opinion a best-in-class uh0:13:46.240,0:13:49.760 sales playbook like best that i’ve ever0:13:47.920,0:13:52.079 seen oh nice okay0:13:49.760,0:13:53.440 as part of that there was some persona0:13:52.079,0:13:55.279 information in there0:13:53.440,0:13:57.360 and the persona information had lots of0:13:55.279,0:13:59.040 things around demographics and what type0:13:57.360,0:14:00.320 of people were in that role and you know0:13:59.040,0:14:03.519 personality stuff0:14:00.320,0:14:05.440 but the real meat of what what health0:14:03.519,0:14:08.639 value for our sdrs0:14:05.440,0:14:10.240 was um their kind of top three or four0:14:08.639,0:14:10.800 priorities and then breaking that down0:14:10.240,0:14:12.800 into0:14:10.800,0:14:14.079 here’s the functional benefit that our0:14:12.800,0:14:16.000 product offers this person0:14:14.079,0:14:17.360 here’s the emotional benefit that our0:14:16.000,0:14:18.639 product offers this person0:14:17.360,0:14:20.560 and here’s the personal value it0:14:18.639,0:14:23.120 provides to them and so0:14:20.560,0:14:24.240 right from the outset i love those yeah0:14:23.120,0:14:25.760 right from the outset when we were0:14:24.240,0:14:27.440 thinking about personas it wasn’t just0:14:25.760,0:14:30.000 what job function do they have and how0:14:27.440,0:14:30.639 does the org roll up to them and xyz you0:14:30.000,0:14:32.639 know what0:14:30.639,0:14:34.959 what metrics are they responsible to0:14:32.639,0:14:37.279 deliver back to the business but it was0:14:34.959,0:14:39.199 okay what does this product do for them0:14:37.279,0:14:42.320 and why do they care about that0:14:39.199,0:14:43.199 i love it i love that man did you were0:14:42.320,0:14:45.279 you able to see0:14:43.199,0:14:46.399 any um well we’ll come back to the0:14:45.279,0:14:47.680 metrics at the end0:14:46.399,0:14:49.279 i was going to ask you what kind of0:14:47.680,0:14:50.480 metrics you saw but let’s let’s hold on0:14:49.279,0:14:53.760 that for a second0:14:50.480,0:14:56.480 did you did you have any problems0:14:53.760,0:14:58.399 getting these young professionals you0:14:56.480,0:15:01.360 know first-time job0:14:58.399,0:15:03.519 being able to talk to a cfo or co and0:15:01.360,0:15:07.040 how did you get them past that because0:15:03.519,0:15:09.199 i’m thinking when i was 25 i’m not super0:15:07.040,0:15:11.040 intelligent now but i was really a dumb0:15:09.199,0:15:13.279 schmuck back then who thought i was0:15:11.040,0:15:15.519 super smart0:15:13.279,0:15:18.320 how do you balance that gap or how do0:15:15.519,0:15:20.160 you close that gap for them in a0:15:18.320,0:15:21.440 repeatable scalable way during the0:15:20.160,0:15:23.440 onboarding process0:15:21.440,0:15:26.399 and maybe the answer is you just don’t0:15:23.440,0:15:27.680 hire people like john0:15:26.399,0:15:29.199 no i think that’s a really great0:15:27.680,0:15:31.040 question and i think it’s a number of0:15:29.199,0:15:32.959 things right and i think quite candidly0:15:31.040,0:15:36.800 like we didn’t necessarily expect our0:15:32.959,0:15:38.959 sdrs to be talking to cios and yeah0:15:36.800,0:15:40.320 because we aligned to territories and0:15:38.959,0:15:42.320 accounts uh0:15:40.320,0:15:43.759 most of the time when you know that scr0:15:42.320,0:15:45.199 bdr would align with their account0:15:43.759,0:15:45.759 executive they the account executive0:15:45.199,0:15:47.279 said like0:15:45.759,0:15:49.120 anyone kind of above this level let’s0:15:47.279,0:15:50.800 leave those conversations for me0:15:49.120,0:15:52.480 not because really like there’s not a0:15:50.800,0:15:54.160 lot of trust but there’s so much other0:15:52.480,0:15:55.680 green grass for you to go after0:15:54.160,0:15:57.519 and i want to manage those conversations0:15:55.680,0:15:58.959 really tightly sometimes that wasn’t the0:15:57.519,0:16:00.399 case sometimes it was hey if you can get0:15:58.959,0:16:03.519 me in touch with so and so like0:16:00.399,0:16:04.000 awesome go do it and i think for us the0:16:03.519,0:16:08.000 the0:16:04.000,0:16:09.279 we we never tried to um force that issue0:16:08.000,0:16:11.440 uh because i think there’s a lot of0:16:09.279,0:16:13.839 validity to that but0:16:11.440,0:16:15.440 uh you know even then speaking to a0:16:13.839,0:16:17.120 director or a vp0:16:15.440,0:16:19.839 can be pretty intimidating for someone0:16:17.120,0:16:20.959 who is just out of college right and0:16:19.839,0:16:22.800 that would come up all the time in0:16:20.959,0:16:24.240 onboarding is like how can i talk to0:16:22.800,0:16:25.839 someone that’s been in this role for 200:16:24.240,0:16:28.240 years blah blah blah0:16:25.839,0:16:29.839 and i said look you know and we would0:16:28.240,0:16:30.800 sell to some pretty technical folks you0:16:29.839,0:16:34.000 know people in i.t0:16:30.800,0:16:35.519 people in project management martech and0:16:34.000,0:16:38.240 you know we would have this discussion0:16:35.519,0:16:38.800 of look will you ever know as much about0:16:38.240,0:16:41.920 it0:16:38.800,0:16:44.800 as this vp like realistically0:16:41.920,0:16:45.440 in in a sales type or will you ever the0:16:44.800,0:16:48.240 answer0:16:45.440,0:16:48.560 is always going to be no yeah yeah so i0:16:48.240,0:16:50.240 said0:16:48.560,0:16:52.000 okay well then what you need to worry0:16:50.240,0:16:53.120 about is not being an expert about what0:16:52.000,0:16:55.360 they do0:16:53.120,0:16:57.120 but let’s be an expert about what we do0:16:55.360,0:16:59.279 and know enough about what they do and0:16:57.120,0:17:02.399 why they need to care to be dangerous0:16:59.279,0:17:03.600 right um because exactly exactly care0:17:02.399,0:17:06.720 about0:17:03.600,0:17:07.280 then speak to that right like there’s we0:17:06.720,0:17:08.880 all know0:17:07.280,0:17:11.120 like people don’t make decisions based0:17:08.880,0:17:12.880 on logic based on off emotion0:17:11.120,0:17:15.039 so if you can find a pain or a need0:17:12.880,0:17:16.400 that’s deep enough for them0:17:15.039,0:17:18.000 you know it doesn’t matter if you know0:17:16.400,0:17:19.520 every single thing about their it org if0:17:18.000,0:17:20.240 you understand that they’re dealing with0:17:19.520,0:17:22.400 something that’s0:17:20.240,0:17:24.240 a pain and can press on that and say i0:17:22.400,0:17:25.280 think i got a solution for you0:17:24.240,0:17:27.360 that’s going to be enough to have a0:17:25.280,0:17:28.799 conversation right and that’s right0:17:27.360,0:17:31.919 it’s just earning the right to have that0:17:28.799,0:17:32.559 next conversation exactly right you’re0:17:31.919,0:17:34.320 an expert0:17:32.559,0:17:35.840 you don’t need to it’s not your job to0:17:34.320,0:17:37.520 sell everything it’s your job0:17:35.840,0:17:38.960 to sell the value of a conversation with0:17:37.520,0:17:42.640 your account executive0:17:38.960,0:17:43.679 right i love that yeah and i love that0:17:42.640,0:17:46.320 man0:17:43.679,0:17:47.760 and i think not just selling time i0:17:46.320,0:17:49.280 think we hear that a lot with sdrs and0:17:47.760,0:17:50.080 videos like just sell time just sell0:17:49.280,0:17:52.640 time0:17:50.080,0:17:53.600 but we really encourage our sdrs and0:17:52.640,0:17:56.000 ddrs to0:17:53.600,0:17:57.039 provide value on a call not just to get0:17:56.000,0:17:58.400 someone on the call to say hey do you0:17:57.039,0:18:00.320 want to jump on another call0:17:58.400,0:18:01.840 but did you know that initial0:18:00.320,0:18:03.200 qualification like0:18:01.840,0:18:04.880 figure out a little bit about their0:18:03.200,0:18:06.480 current state figure out what problems0:18:04.880,0:18:08.559 might be going on there0:18:06.480,0:18:09.919 and then say hey we’ve helped people0:18:08.559,0:18:11.120 solve a similar problem0:18:09.919,0:18:12.160 let me get you in touch with someone who0:18:11.120,0:18:13.360 can tell you a little bit more about0:18:12.160,0:18:15.200 that love it0:18:13.360,0:18:17.440 love it how did you structure the0:18:15.200,0:18:18.799 program in terms of types of activities0:18:17.440,0:18:21.440 was a lot of role playing0:18:18.799,0:18:23.039 uh you know short videos how did you0:18:21.440,0:18:25.039 know mechanically what did that look0:18:23.039,0:18:26.320 like from the uh from the sdr experience0:18:25.039,0:18:28.480 the new life0:18:26.320,0:18:29.440 yeah um one thing that i think we did0:18:28.480,0:18:30.960 really well was0:18:29.440,0:18:32.720 have a lot of modalities within our0:18:30.960,0:18:35.120 onboarding program so0:18:32.720,0:18:36.000 a lot of it was instructor led by by0:18:35.120,0:18:38.799 myself0:18:36.000,0:18:40.320 um but we also had some videos that were0:18:38.799,0:18:41.520 for the broader sales organization that0:18:40.320,0:18:42.960 we pulled in and had them0:18:41.520,0:18:45.360 you know like understand the value0:18:42.960,0:18:46.480 proposition of the company and the value0:18:45.360,0:18:48.799 proposition of0:18:46.480,0:18:50.559 how we address certain personas um0:18:48.799,0:18:52.240 product marketing you know had done some0:18:50.559,0:18:54.559 trainings and we had recorded those0:18:52.240,0:18:56.720 and so we had that available as well we0:18:54.559,0:18:59.200 had our playbook and sometimes it was go0:18:56.720,0:19:00.640 study x y and z pages and then come back0:18:59.200,0:19:02.640 we’re gonna have a discussion on it0:19:00.640,0:19:04.160 but i think the the thing i’m most proud0:19:02.640,0:19:06.400 of that we did0:19:04.160,0:19:07.760 was how applicable we made it and we0:19:06.400,0:19:10.880 made it applicable by0:19:07.760,0:19:12.880 prior to someone onboarding we had their0:19:10.880,0:19:14.080 manager select five accounts in their0:19:12.880,0:19:15.840 territory0:19:14.080,0:19:18.559 and the new hires would bring their five0:19:15.840,0:19:21.280 accounts and everything we did0:19:18.559,0:19:23.200 was within those five accounts it was0:19:21.280,0:19:24.960 hey today we’re researching account a0:19:23.200,0:19:26.240 so let’s get into linkedin let’s show0:19:24.960,0:19:27.679 you a couple tips and tricks0:19:26.240,0:19:29.440 and you’re going to do research on one0:19:27.679,0:19:30.320 of your accounts that’s a great0:19:29.440,0:19:31.679 advantage0:19:30.320,0:19:34.080 it was it was just such a good0:19:31.679,0:19:36.080 experience for everybody because0:19:34.080,0:19:38.080 by the end of our onboarding experience0:19:36.080,0:19:39.679 the deliverable to the entire leadership0:19:38.080,0:19:41.280 team we had a whole day full of0:19:39.679,0:19:42.720 presentations uh0:19:41.280,0:19:44.720 the rep would get up and they had0:19:42.720,0:19:46.080 created a presentation on one of their0:19:44.720,0:19:47.600 key accounts0:19:46.080,0:19:49.520 and they would outline like here are the0:19:47.600,0:19:50.559 individuals i’ve researched here are the0:19:49.520,0:19:52.000 triggers that i found0:19:50.559,0:19:54.080 on them or the compelling events and0:19:52.000,0:19:56.000 here’s my messaging strategy0:19:54.080,0:19:57.679 here’s the emails i’ve written to those0:19:56.000,0:19:59.520 individuals that i’m going to send0:19:57.679,0:20:01.200 yes and then like the kind of the0:19:59.520,0:20:02.799 culminating keystone was then they would0:20:01.200,0:20:04.000 do a role play in front of the group0:20:02.799,0:20:05.360 with their manager0:20:04.000,0:20:06.880 who would role play as one of the0:20:05.360,0:20:07.520 individuals that they had done research0:20:06.880,0:20:09.360 on0:20:07.520,0:20:11.280 that’s so awesome because right then and0:20:09.360,0:20:14.320 there you’re just making it0:20:11.280,0:20:17.919 real it’s not a theoretical customer0:20:14.320,0:20:20.480 x that looks like this did um0:20:17.919,0:20:22.240 did they have to at well let me ask you0:20:20.480,0:20:23.840 two things how long was the onboarding0:20:22.240,0:20:24.880 process you know how long did this whole0:20:23.840,0:20:27.039 process go on0:20:24.880,0:20:28.559 i’ll start there yeah and we had a0:20:27.039,0:20:30.400 pretty lengthy one it was about two0:20:28.559,0:20:33.440 weeks0:20:30.400,0:20:35.120 um and that was uh from the time they0:20:33.440,0:20:36.799 got in and did some like general0:20:35.120,0:20:38.080 you know people and culture onboarding0:20:36.799,0:20:39.200 for the first day fill out your0:20:38.080,0:20:41.200 paperwork yeah0:20:39.200,0:20:42.320 and we’d take them the rest of that time0:20:41.200,0:20:44.480 and by0:20:42.320,0:20:46.159 kind of the last friday of the second0:20:44.480,0:20:49.200 week was when they presented0:20:46.159,0:20:50.799 you know their their uh their0:20:49.200,0:20:52.320 account research and their emails and0:20:50.799,0:20:54.240 all that that’s awesome were they0:20:52.320,0:20:54.720 spending additional time outside of the0:20:54.240,0:20:56.559 class0:20:54.720,0:20:58.720 with the manager with the team learning0:20:56.559,0:21:00.559 other things or was it sort of all0:20:58.720,0:21:03.039 uh was it all self-contained in the0:21:00.559,0:21:04.960 onboarding was that their entire focus0:21:03.039,0:21:06.480 it was primarily self-contained like0:21:04.960,0:21:08.880 most of the managers in the leadership0:21:06.480,0:21:10.080 we all agreed that like for two weeks0:21:08.880,0:21:12.080 you know they were kind of in the hands0:21:10.080,0:21:13.919 of enablement but we0:21:12.080,0:21:16.080 did a lot to get them out on the floor0:21:13.919,0:21:18.000 we’d have shadowing hours we’d assign0:21:16.080,0:21:18.640 mentors prior to them coming on board0:21:18.000,0:21:20.240 and so0:21:18.640,0:21:22.000 that’s the killer too yeah they always0:21:20.240,0:21:23.360 had someone on their team if they had0:21:22.000,0:21:24.080 additional questions they could go to0:21:23.360,0:21:26.480 them0:21:24.080,0:21:28.000 um you know we’d spend probably a couple0:21:26.480,0:21:30.480 of hours every day0:21:28.000,0:21:31.520 or across a couple of days hey go shadow0:21:30.480,0:21:33.600 so and so0:21:31.520,0:21:35.280 and we would prep the mentors and we0:21:33.600,0:21:35.760 kind of had a mentor training program of0:21:35.280,0:21:37.520 like0:21:35.760,0:21:39.200 you know day one you got to be ready to0:21:37.520,0:21:40.400 show them your research process0:21:39.200,0:21:41.840 day two you’ve got to show them how you0:21:40.400,0:21:43.280 write emails day three you’re gonna go0:21:41.840,0:21:46.480 and make some calls with them0:21:43.280,0:21:48.400 right and then we do all role plays with0:21:46.480,0:21:50.080 the manager getting involved and0:21:48.400,0:21:51.280 you know they would go to a breakout0:21:50.080,0:21:52.720 room and the manager would call them0:21:51.280,0:21:55.360 role-playing as a certain person0:21:52.720,0:21:56.240 so so that’s awesome right from the0:21:55.360,0:21:58.080 beginning they’re getting0:21:56.240,0:21:59.919 familiar with their team their leaders0:21:58.080,0:22:01.520 their peers they’re learning how to0:21:59.919,0:22:02.880 message they’re learning how to research0:22:01.520,0:22:03.760 they’re learning all those skills along0:22:02.880,0:22:05.520 the way0:22:03.760,0:22:07.440 and getting the commitment not to just0:22:05.520,0:22:09.840 throw them out on the phones0:22:07.440,0:22:12.080 that’s a big win too that should give0:22:09.840,0:22:15.280 them the time to come up to speed0:22:12.080,0:22:17.200 two weeks is not that long0:22:15.280,0:22:18.559 let me ask you this how did they compare0:22:17.200,0:22:19.520 and it’s always hard to answer this0:22:18.559,0:22:22.640 question eddie0:22:19.520,0:22:24.799 so i’m sorry but after they went through0:22:22.640,0:22:26.960 this new onboarding approach0:22:24.799,0:22:29.200 how much more productive or effective0:22:26.960,0:22:31.200 were they than what was happening before0:22:29.200,0:22:32.640 and i know the past manager did an0:22:31.200,0:22:34.000 awesome job we’re all0:22:32.640,0:22:35.760 trying to build off of each other’s0:22:34.000,0:22:37.120 shoulders in times in terms of the0:22:35.760,0:22:40.480 improvements we make0:22:37.120,0:22:43.280 so um but how much better were they um0:22:40.480,0:22:44.720 the increase was significant uh you know0:22:43.280,0:22:46.400 and i think there was a number of things0:22:44.720,0:22:49.200 that contributed to that0:22:46.400,0:22:50.080 i think one um we had this new leader0:22:49.200,0:22:52.559 and he0:22:50.080,0:22:54.000 you know being able to build his vision0:22:52.559,0:22:55.840 for his program0:22:54.000,0:22:57.200 and building an enablement program that0:22:55.840,0:22:59.520 supported that0:22:57.200,0:23:01.120 um you know i think we got like almost0:22:59.520,0:23:04.159 the exponential lift right0:23:01.120,0:23:05.600 of increasing things overall yeah it was0:23:04.159,0:23:06.320 really uh kind of a hand-in-hand0:23:05.600,0:23:09.280 partnership0:23:06.320,0:23:09.679 where you know as he really doubled down0:23:09.280,0:23:12.400 on his0:23:09.679,0:23:14.000 org to get the kind of he wanted you0:23:12.400,0:23:15.600 know we would build out0:23:14.000,0:23:17.039 here’s what’s expected of a good phone0:23:15.600,0:23:17.760 call here’s the framework we want it to0:23:17.039,0:23:19.760 look like0:23:17.760,0:23:20.960 and then we if that’s the framework that0:23:19.760,0:23:21.520 we want to see on the fourth and that’s0:23:20.960,0:23:23.520 going to get0:23:21.520,0:23:25.280 incorporated into onboarding and that’s0:23:23.520,0:23:26.720 the first thing that people learn0:23:25.280,0:23:29.120 is what the expectation is for the0:23:26.720,0:23:31.280 organization so it’s not like0:23:29.120,0:23:32.720 there’s a bunch of different you know0:23:31.280,0:23:33.919 best practices out there and people are0:23:32.720,0:23:35.919 kind of doing their own thing which if0:23:33.919,0:23:36.400 you find a lot of and you find yeah you0:23:35.919,0:23:38.159 do0:23:36.400,0:23:39.360 but the answer is kind of like hey go0:23:38.159,0:23:40.320 ask so and so they’re really good at0:23:39.360,0:23:42.320 phone calls0:23:40.320,0:23:44.000 but instead we had kind of this gold0:23:42.320,0:23:44.559 standard of what a good email looked0:23:44.000,0:23:46.000 like0:23:44.559,0:23:48.320 what a good phone call looked like we0:23:46.000,0:23:49.919 had you know scorecards and rubrics and0:23:48.320,0:23:51.279 that enabled really powerful call0:23:49.919,0:23:52.880 coaching and we were able to use some0:23:51.279,0:23:55.120 call coaching software so0:23:52.880,0:23:57.279 nice you know just having one common0:23:55.120,0:23:58.640 language that began at onboarding and it0:23:57.279,0:24:00.080 went you know existed through the0:23:58.640,0:24:02.840 entirety of someone’s life0:24:00.080,0:24:04.559 as nstr or bdr was really really0:24:02.840,0:24:07.120 powerful0:24:04.559,0:24:08.400 now there’s so many good things that you0:24:07.120,0:24:09.840 just walked through in that whole0:24:08.400,0:24:13.120 conversation eddie0:24:09.840,0:24:16.320 um but let me ask you this how long0:24:13.120,0:24:17.520 um did it take an sdr then to sort of0:24:16.320,0:24:20.080 start hitting their numbers0:24:17.520,0:24:22.080 clearly they weren’t at two weeks there0:24:20.080,0:24:25.120 was one set of expectations0:24:22.080,0:24:27.440 uh but how long did it on average take0:24:25.120,0:24:30.240 for a new bdr to start hitting their0:24:27.440,0:24:31.200 whatever their targets were yeah so0:24:30.240,0:24:33.840 typically0:24:31.200,0:24:35.520 and and uh from what i recall the first0:24:33.840,0:24:36.559 month was kind of like a wash right we0:24:35.520,0:24:38.159 didn’t know when we were hiring them0:24:36.559,0:24:39.919 within the month so like exactly0:24:38.159,0:24:41.520 they’re not expected anything second0:24:39.919,0:24:42.159 month they’re expected to hit 50 percent0:24:41.520,0:24:43.360 of quota0:24:42.159,0:24:45.440 it’s pretty common to have like a rant0:24:43.360,0:24:47.120 quota right and then the second0:24:45.440,0:24:48.799 full month that they’re in seat they’re0:24:47.120,0:24:51.039 expected to hit their full quarterback0:24:48.799,0:24:52.159 that’s and that’s very reasonable that’s0:24:51.039,0:24:54.640 very reasonable0:24:52.159,0:24:55.919 were you seeing and and without giving0:24:54.640,0:24:57.279 exact numbers and i’m sure you don’t0:24:55.919,0:24:59.200 remember exact numbers0:24:57.279,0:25:01.279 but were you seeing a larger percentage0:24:59.200,0:25:02.799 of the team hitting that quota at the0:25:01.279,0:25:05.200 end of the second month then0:25:02.799,0:25:06.080 and was it a and i know you sort of said0:25:05.200,0:25:08.240 yes but0:25:06.080,0:25:10.320 was it a really obvious like well geez0:25:08.240,0:25:13.440 we went from here and now we’re here0:25:10.320,0:25:14.400 yeah it was uh significant you know hard0:25:13.440,0:25:16.080 to overlook0:25:14.400,0:25:18.000 that kind of shift and again i think0:25:16.080,0:25:19.120 there was three three primary things0:25:18.000,0:25:22.720 that drove that0:25:19.120,0:25:24.480 uh one better hiring i think the leader0:25:22.720,0:25:26.000 uh got in and really just like doubled0:25:24.480,0:25:27.360 down on this is the type of person we’re0:25:26.000,0:25:28.480 looking for and let’s tighten up our0:25:27.360,0:25:30.960 interview process0:25:28.480,0:25:32.159 yeah the second was just the culture0:25:30.960,0:25:33.760 that was instilled0:25:32.159,0:25:35.760 uh with his new organization of0:25:33.760,0:25:36.720 performance and then the third i think0:25:35.760,0:25:40.400 was just0:25:36.720,0:25:42.880 much much more structured and uh0:25:40.400,0:25:44.320 and an effective onboarding oh my god0:25:42.880,0:25:45.600 that’s just amazing man0:25:44.320,0:25:47.279 i’m really stoked about this0:25:45.600,0:25:48.000 conversation i just feel like there’s so0:25:47.279,0:25:49.520 much goodness0:25:48.000,0:25:52.240 what would you have done differently0:25:49.520,0:25:54.799 let’s pretend you’re that new leader0:25:52.240,0:25:55.600 you go into a business tomorrow you’re0:25:54.799,0:25:57.360 the new0:25:55.600,0:26:00.080 you know head of business development0:25:57.360,0:26:02.880 the new cro whatever the role is0:26:00.080,0:26:03.919 right what would you do differently if0:26:02.880,0:26:05.360 anything0:26:03.919,0:26:07.440 based upon what you’ve learned in the0:26:05.360,0:26:09.440 time since uh0:26:07.440,0:26:11.520 in an onboarding program for sdrs and0:26:09.440,0:26:14.480 anything you would have changed0:26:11.520,0:26:16.400 yeah yeah i think um because so much0:26:14.480,0:26:19.120 change happened all at once0:26:16.400,0:26:20.320 it took a little while for some of the0:26:19.120,0:26:22.799 managers to0:26:20.320,0:26:24.480 get to the level of proficiency that we0:26:22.799,0:26:26.559 were asking our reps to be at or to0:26:24.480,0:26:29.039 understand it well enough to coach to it0:26:26.559,0:26:29.679 i think i would put a little more0:26:29.039,0:26:32.000 emphasis0:26:29.679,0:26:32.880 on that so that as part of onboarding0:26:32.000,0:26:34.240 because i did a lot of the0:26:32.880,0:26:36.400 instructor-led training0:26:34.240,0:26:38.799 i would have loved to invite more0:26:36.400,0:26:41.440 managers to get involved in actually0:26:38.799,0:26:42.240 providing that content i think it gives0:26:41.440,0:26:44.000 them a0:26:42.240,0:26:45.440 whole new level of credibility among new0:26:44.000,0:26:46.720 hires and among members of their team0:26:45.440,0:26:49.760 that might be coming on0:26:46.720,0:26:51.039 rather than having to you know0:26:49.760,0:26:52.000 not that they waited two weeks because0:26:51.039,0:26:53.360 they were involved throughout the0:26:52.000,0:26:54.880 process but just giving them more0:26:53.360,0:26:57.360 opportunity to get face time0:26:54.880,0:26:59.279 to present that material to have uh more0:26:57.360,0:27:01.840 involvement throughout the the actual0:26:59.279,0:27:03.279 classroom quote-unquote time i i think0:27:01.840,0:27:05.840 our our sales leaders0:27:03.279,0:27:06.799 have a one of the hardest jobs out there0:27:05.840,0:27:08.559 bdrs0:27:06.799,0:27:10.159 may be slightly harder but i actually0:27:08.559,0:27:12.640 think the manager wins0:27:10.159,0:27:13.760 um in terms of depth of complexity and0:27:12.640,0:27:16.640 difficulty0:27:13.760,0:27:19.440 but it sounds like to me maybe the0:27:16.640,0:27:21.200 managers weren’t bought in enough or0:27:19.440,0:27:23.039 collaborated enough in building it or0:27:21.200,0:27:25.120 just just on that practice time0:27:23.039,0:27:26.799 um i think it was more of the latter0:27:25.120,0:27:27.919 right they were spotting and they were0:27:26.799,0:27:29.679 very0:27:27.919,0:27:31.440 supportive they wanted to be involved i0:27:29.679,0:27:32.720 think a number of it was was the amount0:27:31.440,0:27:35.360 of practice time0:27:32.720,0:27:36.399 and and second you know as most managers0:27:35.360,0:27:39.279 know it’s just really0:27:36.399,0:27:39.760 hard to be able to divvy up your time0:27:39.279,0:27:42.799 you know0:27:39.760,0:27:45.120 across all the competing priorities and0:27:42.799,0:27:46.559 and we had a buttoned up enough0:27:45.120,0:27:48.159 onboarding program0:27:46.559,0:27:49.600 that i think the whole leadership team0:27:48.159,0:27:51.440 felt pretty good about saying0:27:49.600,0:27:53.200 onboarding’s taken care of so let’s let0:27:51.440,0:27:54.159 managers get up be on the floors with0:27:53.200,0:27:57.440 their teams0:27:54.159,0:27:59.840 spending time there um you know and0:27:57.440,0:28:01.200 free them up to do that and i’m not0:27:59.840,0:28:02.640 saying that one is right or wrong but0:28:01.200,0:28:05.360 for us it works pretty well0:28:02.640,0:28:06.720 um to say we both trust what’s happening0:28:05.360,0:28:08.799 in the other place so0:28:06.720,0:28:10.080 you know it wasn’t that managers could0:28:08.799,0:28:11.679 more or less like walk away from0:28:10.080,0:28:13.039 onboarding saying we understand what’s0:28:11.679,0:28:13.440 going to happen here we know we’ll see0:28:13.039,0:28:15.279 the0:28:13.440,0:28:16.480 the end result of the final presentation0:28:15.279,0:28:18.240 and we’re confident that0:28:16.480,0:28:19.760 we’ll understand where our rep is at at0:28:18.240,0:28:21.520 that point and it’s so hard0:28:19.760,0:28:23.200 we’re all making trade-offs we don’t0:28:21.520,0:28:25.360 have infinite time0:28:23.200,0:28:27.039 and capacity so we have to figure out0:28:25.360,0:28:28.559 the trade-offs for our organization and0:28:27.039,0:28:30.480 that sounds like what you guys did and0:28:28.559,0:28:33.200 it worked really well which is amazing0:28:30.480,0:28:34.880 let me ask you this what any other tips0:28:33.200,0:28:36.799 or anything we didn’t talk about the0:28:34.880,0:28:37.520 like jeez john i really wanted to share0:28:36.799,0:28:39.039 this0:28:37.520,0:28:42.840 i don’t want to come back a third time0:28:39.039,0:28:46.159 don’t make me i want to share this0:28:42.840,0:28:49.120 um i i don’t know if there’s any like0:28:46.159,0:28:50.559 really heavy thing i want to want to get0:28:49.120,0:28:52.399 to but i think there’s two things that i0:28:50.559,0:28:55.520 would i would talk about0:28:52.399,0:28:57.840 um one is the real-life examples0:28:55.520,0:28:59.440 being able to share call recordings of0:28:57.840,0:29:00.799 really good examples that outline the0:28:59.440,0:29:03.440 frameworks you’re teaching0:29:00.799,0:29:04.799 to help shorten that gap between the0:29:03.440,0:29:06.240 concepts and principles and the0:29:04.799,0:29:06.960 practicality that we talked about0:29:06.240,0:29:10.640 earlier0:29:06.960,0:29:12.240 yes the second is just the partnership0:29:10.640,0:29:13.440 between enablement and the leadership0:29:12.240,0:29:15.039 team0:29:13.440,0:29:16.640 you know i really felt like i was a part0:29:15.039,0:29:18.240 of that leadership team i was off0:29:16.640,0:29:19.840 in leadership meetings with them i was0:29:18.240,0:29:21.200 aware of everything going on involved in0:29:19.840,0:29:23.679 hiring decisions0:29:21.200,0:29:24.480 and i think that just got me so close to0:29:23.679,0:29:27.039 a lot of those0:29:24.480,0:29:28.399 partners that i understood what their0:29:27.039,0:29:30.159 priorities were and they became my0:29:28.399,0:29:31.440 priorities and the onboarding program0:29:30.159,0:29:34.080 reflected that0:29:31.440,0:29:35.760 really really smart point we need to0:29:34.080,0:29:37.039 work tightly with our leaders we need to0:29:35.760,0:29:39.200 understand their pain points0:29:37.039,0:29:40.080 and just like you touched upon the0:29:39.200,0:29:43.360 emotional0:29:40.080,0:29:45.360 the the aspects of a sale we need to0:29:43.360,0:29:47.600 understand the emotional sides0:29:45.360,0:29:48.640 and the business side of what makes our0:29:47.600,0:29:50.320 own leadership0:29:48.640,0:29:51.840 and our own teams tick so that we’re0:29:50.320,0:29:53.200 meeting both of those so i think that’s0:29:51.840,0:29:55.279 a really spot on point0:29:53.200,0:29:56.320 and i love and i just want to re-bring0:29:55.279,0:29:58.720 this up as we0:29:56.320,0:30:00.080 as we end this i love that you guys took0:29:58.720,0:30:03.120 the time to have0:30:00.080,0:30:06.480 each person on boarding having five0:30:03.120,0:30:08.240 real or some number of real clients real0:30:06.480,0:30:10.720 accounts to research and dig0:30:08.240,0:30:12.159 in on and then present that at the end0:30:10.720,0:30:13.440 because it really does give them a0:30:12.159,0:30:16.240 chance to0:30:13.440,0:30:16.880 be part of the business right away and0:30:16.240,0:30:18.720 by0:30:16.880,0:30:20.880 demonstrating that at the end to the0:30:18.720,0:30:24.080 leaders into the enablement team0:30:20.880,0:30:25.120 really passed a key milestone so i love0:30:24.080,0:30:26.640 that and i just want to really0:30:25.120,0:30:28.960 compliment that0:30:26.640,0:30:29.919 again eddie that was brilliant man thank0:30:28.960,0:30:31.520 you i think0:30:29.919,0:30:33.919 you know for me one of the things i was0:30:31.520,0:30:36.399 most proud of in that whole0:30:33.919,0:30:37.279 program we put together was the amount0:30:36.399,0:30:39.440 of times0:30:37.279,0:30:40.880 we would hear a rep come back or share0:30:39.440,0:30:42.000 with their manager or a manager share0:30:40.880,0:30:45.039 with me saying0:30:42.000,0:30:46.320 hey you know susie sent an email that0:30:45.039,0:30:48.159 she wrote in onboarding0:30:46.320,0:30:49.919 and just booked a meeting with him oh0:30:48.159,0:30:50.640 that’s awesome yeah that’s awesome to0:30:49.919,0:30:52.320 hear0:30:50.640,0:30:54.720 so you know and that’s what we tell them0:30:52.320,0:30:56.240 is the work you’re doing here0:30:54.720,0:30:57.679 you have a whole bunch to go out to the0:30:56.240,0:30:58.880 floor and you know your hands are0:30:57.679,0:30:59.600 already full with stuff you can start0:30:58.880,0:31:02.159 launching0:30:59.600,0:31:03.919 yeah it’s real work as opposed to0:31:02.159,0:31:05.440 pretend learning which this0:31:03.919,0:31:07.760 you know anything hands-on in real is0:31:05.440,0:31:09.519 always better brand man0:31:07.760,0:31:11.200 eddie thank you so much for coming on0:31:09.519,0:31:12.080 today and sharing so much wisdom i0:31:11.200,0:31:14.640 appreciate it0:31:12.080,0:31:15.919 and i know everybody else does too and i0:31:14.640,0:31:17.519 am going to figure out a way to get you0:31:15.919,0:31:20.240 back for a third topic but i just don’t0:31:17.519,0:31:22.320 know what it is yeah0:31:20.240,0:31:24.000 it’s always a pleasure every time so you0:31:22.320,0:31:24.559 know happy to join whenever you invite0:31:24.000,0:31:26.080 me0:31:24.559,0:31:27.360 all right i appreciate you man and i0:31:26.080,0:31:27.679 appreciate everybody listening in as0:31:27.360,0:31:32.240 well0:31:27.679,0:31:32.240 talk to you soon eddie bye

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