What an amazing chat with Pooja Kumar who runs BDR Enablement for Oracle in the Asia Pacific region.

Tons of great insight, my key takeaways:

1️⃣ Be brave my fellow enablers and speak up. Our businesses hired us to help the business improve.

2️⃣Pooja demonstrated a major impact in business performance by having a personalized coaching practice that purely focused on the needs of the individuals, their goals, and helping them build a roadmap for their personal achievements.

The motivation, the education, and passion that resulted led to huge business gains.

3️⃣The Sales Enablement Compensation model is based upon the performance of the teams they are supporting. That’s right. If the BDR teams are expected to achieve business results of X,Y, and Z, the Enablement team is too.

These are not squishy metrics, these go a long way towards building alignment.

The benefits? Pooja has a seat at the leadership table, input on what KPIs are set, influence on approaches, and the ability to take a highly collaborative approach that leads to not only better business outcomes for the BDR teams she supports, but for her team and herself as well.

Give a listen.


0:00:00.080,0:00:04.640 me wonderful hey everybody it’s john the0:00:02.879,0:00:07.040 collaborator and i’m here with a0:00:04.640,0:00:08.400 wonderful person and we were just having0:00:07.040,0:00:11.679 a lovely conversation0:00:08.400,0:00:14.160 and i felt badly interrupted to talk to0:00:11.679,0:00:15.519 all of us about enablement but this is0:00:14.160,0:00:17.039 what we’re here for0:00:15.519,0:00:18.800 and i love it and i know you love it too0:00:17.039,0:00:21.920 otherwise you wouldn’t be listening0:00:18.800,0:00:23.359 pooja welcome my friend take a minute to0:00:21.920,0:00:25.840 introduce yourself0:00:23.359,0:00:26.880 uh and what you’re up to and what you do0:00:25.840,0:00:30.160 thank you0:00:26.880,0:00:32.800 um okay so i am puja0:00:30.160,0:00:34.320 i look after i currently look after0:00:32.800,0:00:36.480 sales enablement0:00:34.320,0:00:37.840 and organizational culture and talent0:00:36.480,0:00:38.960 development and all that stuff for0:00:37.840,0:00:41.040 oracle0:00:38.960,0:00:42.239 business development group in kuala0:00:41.040,0:00:46.399 lumpur0:00:42.239,0:00:47.120 um i’ve been yeah i um i’ve been in this0:00:46.399,0:00:49.920 role for0:00:47.120,0:00:51.840 about three and a bit years now uh but0:00:49.920,0:00:53.600 i’ve been working in sales enablement0:00:51.840,0:00:55.440 for quite a while0:00:53.600,0:00:57.360 um so let me tell you a little bit about0:00:55.440,0:01:01.600 where i started please0:00:57.360,0:01:04.559 um i started off in hospitality familia0:01:01.600,0:01:05.439 in australia in the hospitality industry0:01:04.559,0:01:08.880 um0:01:05.439,0:01:10.000 yeah and i um i think i really developed0:01:08.880,0:01:12.080 my0:01:10.000,0:01:13.040 my customer centric mindset there so0:01:12.080,0:01:16.159 everything0:01:13.040,0:01:19.280 is everything i do is needs to have an0:01:16.159,0:01:21.439 impact on the customer eventually um0:01:19.280,0:01:24.720 and so so that’s where i think i0:01:21.439,0:01:26.720 developed my customer-centric mindset0:01:24.720,0:01:27.840 but after a few years of graveyard0:01:26.720,0:01:32.240 shifts john0:01:27.840,0:01:34.880 i decided to move into id0:01:32.240,0:01:37.520 um the money and the hours had to be0:01:34.880,0:01:37.520 much better0:01:38.240,0:01:41.840 well i’m not sure about the money the0:01:39.680,0:01:43.680 money was great in hospitality with the0:01:41.840,0:01:46.880 graveyard chips0:01:43.680,0:01:50.720 but the hours were definitely better um0:01:46.880,0:01:54.479 so i moved into it and in australia and0:01:50.720,0:01:55.920 i worked with ibm and now with oracle0:01:54.479,0:01:57.520 and those are the real two0:01:55.920,0:02:00.880 companies that i’ve worked for for the0:01:57.520,0:02:02.960 last 18 19 years of my life0:02:00.880,0:02:05.200 sounds crazy doesn’t it it’s a wonderful0:02:02.960,0:02:07.200 set of companies to work for though0:02:05.200,0:02:09.520 yeah it is but i’ve been doing this for0:02:07.200,0:02:10.239 nearly 30 years so i’m with you when you0:02:09.520,0:02:12.879 say0:02:10.239,0:02:13.680 i’ve been working for nearly 30 years i0:02:12.879,0:02:16.720 should say0:02:13.680,0:02:17.680 so i’m with you 18 19 years across two0:02:16.720,0:02:21.280 businesses is0:02:17.680,0:02:23.280 is amazing yeah it is amazing and every0:02:21.280,0:02:24.400 couple of years i’ve had either a0:02:23.280,0:02:26.480 different role0:02:24.400,0:02:28.720 or you know i mean especially working0:02:26.480,0:02:30.879 with ibm it was brilliant because0:02:28.720,0:02:31.840 you have so many different places to0:02:30.879,0:02:34.560 work in0:02:31.840,0:02:35.120 so i had in fact that’s where i cut my0:02:34.560,0:02:38.879 teeth0:02:35.120,0:02:40.879 in sales in ibm and then slowly started0:02:38.879,0:02:43.040 moving to this area of0:02:40.879,0:02:44.800 what was then called sales training0:02:43.040,0:02:46.319 sales productivity0:02:44.800,0:02:48.319 and a whole bunch of other things but0:02:46.319,0:02:50.879 really it was sales enablement0:02:48.319,0:02:52.560 so i started migrating into those areas0:02:50.879,0:02:55.840 of sales enablement0:02:52.560,0:02:59.440 uh with ibm and um gosh0:02:55.840,0:03:01.920 lots of learning um and i’ve been0:02:59.440,0:03:03.200 in this journey for about 15 years with0:03:01.920,0:03:06.400 lots of learning0:03:03.200,0:03:08.480 lots of good things lots of fails and0:03:06.400,0:03:09.920 learning more with each one of them and0:03:08.480,0:03:13.040 becoming stronger0:03:09.920,0:03:16.480 i love that um i’ve also0:03:13.040,0:03:17.599 lived in australia that’s where i0:03:16.480,0:03:20.879 started my career0:03:17.599,0:03:22.080 in india after that and now in kuala0:03:20.879,0:03:25.280 lumpur0:03:22.080,0:03:28.720 um so so i’ve lived in three different0:03:25.280,0:03:31.280 parts of the region doing local0:03:28.720,0:03:33.920 global as well as asia pacific roles so0:03:31.280,0:03:36.799 i’ve had a fair bit of exposure i think0:03:33.920,0:03:39.360 um to different parts of sales0:03:36.799,0:03:41.360 enablement as well as different parts of0:03:39.360,0:03:43.440 um how it’s done in different parts of0:03:41.360,0:03:46.080 the world0:03:43.440,0:03:48.239 and so i landed i guess where i am right0:03:46.080,0:03:50.720 now is i look after0:03:48.239,0:03:52.720 sales enablement for the bdr0:03:50.720,0:03:55.439 organization or we call it bdc0:03:52.720,0:03:57.599 organization uh for japan and asia0:03:55.439,0:04:01.040 pacific and my focus is asia0:03:57.599,0:04:02.720 pacific in oracle and0:04:01.040,0:04:04.480 how that happened was i moved here four0:04:02.720,0:04:06.560 years ago without a job0:04:04.480,0:04:08.879 um and because my husband moved over0:04:06.560,0:04:10.080 here and i thought oh gosh what am i0:04:08.879,0:04:11.760 going to do now i need to go0:04:10.080,0:04:14.400 looking for another job and it just so0:04:11.760,0:04:17.440 happened that oracle was setting up0:04:14.400,0:04:20.079 um a series of hubs0:04:17.440,0:04:21.919 a hub model which they had which was a0:04:20.079,0:04:25.199 strategy they embarked on0:04:21.919,0:04:28.880 to accelerate their their um0:04:25.199,0:04:31.919 mission the cloud mission0:04:28.880,0:04:34.080 um and i was setting one of these up in0:04:31.919,0:04:36.160 kuala lumpur for the business0:04:34.080,0:04:38.560 development consultant team0:04:36.160,0:04:40.240 um and they asked me if i’d like to lead0:04:38.560,0:04:43.440 one of those teams and that’s where0:04:40.240,0:04:44.720 i started that’s amazing so so the was0:04:43.440,0:04:46.960 there a team0:04:44.720,0:04:49.440 was there an enablement function running0:04:46.960,0:04:52.240 you know the bdr bdc function0:04:49.440,0:04:52.639 when you started or was it from scratch0:04:52.240,0:04:55.040 no0:04:52.639,0:04:58.160 there wasn’t so gosh i don’t even know0:04:55.040,0:04:58.160 if we knew what we were doing0:04:58.479,0:05:02.000 none of us do none of us do we’re just0:05:00.320,0:05:05.759 thinking0:05:02.000,0:05:08.800 we’re totally faking it yeah exactly0:05:05.759,0:05:10.560 so no there wasn’t um i i0:05:08.800,0:05:12.880 actually started off as a business0:05:10.560,0:05:13.840 development manager for the applications0:05:12.880,0:05:17.919 team0:05:13.840,0:05:18.960 um and uh and looking after one specific0:05:17.919,0:05:22.240 region0:05:18.960,0:05:23.600 um and as the hub grew and john we went0:05:22.240,0:05:25.280 from like0:05:23.600,0:05:28.080 i think when i started there was five0:05:25.280,0:05:29.919 people and then within0:05:28.080,0:05:31.520 five weeks there was about a hundred0:05:29.919,0:05:33.840 people in the hub0:05:31.520,0:05:34.800 and we were hiring at a great rate of0:05:33.840,0:05:37.280 knots and0:05:34.800,0:05:38.639 uh and what we realized as a leadership0:05:37.280,0:05:41.919 team is0:05:38.639,0:05:44.240 oh my god everyone is in a different0:05:41.919,0:05:47.120 part of their learning journey and0:05:44.240,0:05:50.720 everyone has different competencies0:05:47.120,0:05:52.560 and and and that started becoming more0:05:50.720,0:05:53.919 and more apparent as i was six months0:05:52.560,0:05:56.240 into the role0:05:53.919,0:05:59.039 as a business development manager so0:05:56.240,0:06:02.400 about six months in i said to the vp0:05:59.039,0:06:06.639 who’s fantastic and very open to0:06:02.400,0:06:08.560 to everyone’s input i said look i think0:06:06.639,0:06:10.240 that i think that we’ve got a bit of a0:06:08.560,0:06:11.840 problem over here and i think0:06:10.240,0:06:13.919 i’d like to talk to you about sales0:06:11.840,0:06:16.080 enablement um0:06:13.919,0:06:16.960 and and what i can do for you in that0:06:16.080,0:06:19.520 regard so0:06:16.960,0:06:20.160 moving away from my current role and and0:06:19.520,0:06:24.000 and0:06:20.160,0:06:27.039 and past all that past experience at ibm0:06:24.000,0:06:29.600 bringing it forward yeah yeah yeah0:06:27.039,0:06:31.199 um so i clearly had a vision because0:06:29.600,0:06:34.479 sales enabled means my0:06:31.199,0:06:38.080 my gig right exactly0:06:34.479,0:06:40.160 um what was the po so as the hub was0:06:38.080,0:06:41.919 being launched or being being built0:06:40.160,0:06:42.800 there was random acts of training0:06:41.919,0:06:45.680 happening0:06:42.800,0:06:47.680 and um and you know basically it took0:06:45.680,0:06:51.039 six months for a bdc0:06:47.680,0:06:54.960 to even um start0:06:51.039,0:06:55.759 making calls that were giving them any0:06:54.960,0:06:58.880 returns0:06:55.759,0:07:01.039 it was it was quite scary um0:06:58.880,0:07:02.000 and there wasn’t anything structured0:07:01.039,0:07:04.479 well we did have a0:07:02.000,0:07:06.639 sales training onboarding pro program0:07:04.479,0:07:09.840 but there wasn’t anything structured0:07:06.639,0:07:12.560 and and the sales0:07:09.840,0:07:15.039 leaders or the bdms like me weren’t0:07:12.560,0:07:18.080 really brought into the process0:07:15.039,0:07:18.880 um so i kind of just took a weekend off0:07:18.080,0:07:20.240 actually0:07:18.880,0:07:22.080 and i said okay well i’m going to0:07:20.240,0:07:25.440 propose this to to0:07:22.080,0:07:27.199 rvp and and i0:07:25.440,0:07:29.199 kind of developed this vision around0:07:27.199,0:07:32.240 sales enablement and what it could do0:07:29.199,0:07:35.440 in terms of impacting business0:07:32.240,0:07:37.919 sales leadership um0:07:35.440,0:07:39.759 you know basically bottom line getting0:07:37.919,0:07:40.240 people on board quickly to get her a0:07:39.759,0:07:42.560 number0:07:40.240,0:07:44.319 which was her biggest pay at that stage0:07:42.560,0:07:47.520 yeah i’m sure0:07:44.319,0:07:49.120 yeah so about about six to eight months0:07:47.520,0:07:51.919 into my role as a bdm0:07:49.120,0:07:52.319 uh business development manager i i was0:07:51.919,0:07:54.560 then0:07:52.319,0:07:56.240 promoted to a sales enablement manager0:07:54.560,0:07:59.039 for all of asia pacific0:07:56.240,0:08:00.800 which was pretty cool no that’s very0:07:59.039,0:08:02.879 cool because what i love about your0:08:00.800,0:08:04.720 story puja is that0:08:02.879,0:08:06.319 a you recognize that there was a real0:08:04.720,0:08:08.800 problem and a real challenge for the0:08:06.319,0:08:11.039 business growing at the rate that it was0:08:08.800,0:08:13.440 and then you could have just sat there0:08:11.039,0:08:15.680 and said oh there’s a problem0:08:13.440,0:08:17.039 like some people would do or what you0:08:15.680,0:08:19.280 did instead was you0:08:17.039,0:08:20.879 said let me come back with the solution0:08:19.280,0:08:24.240 and here’s how we can do it0:08:20.879,0:08:26.000 i love that that’s awesome yeah no0:08:24.240,0:08:28.000 that’s pretty awesome too i think it’s0:08:26.000,0:08:29.919 really awesome so you’re a few years0:08:28.000,0:08:31.759 down the road now0:08:29.919,0:08:33.519 what how big is your you know your0:08:31.759,0:08:34.959 enablement team how many people are you0:08:33.519,0:08:37.120 supporting0:08:34.959,0:08:38.719 and um let’s start there how you know0:08:37.120,0:08:42.320 what does that look like0:08:38.719,0:08:45.200 okay so um i started off as just me0:08:42.320,0:08:46.300 and uh which is always the case right0:08:45.200,0:08:48.320 let me just use0:08:46.300,0:08:52.240 [Laughter]0:08:48.320,0:08:55.760 one crazy fool to try it out0:08:52.240,0:08:57.680 exactly um actually that’s how it felt0:08:55.760,0:09:00.160 so i sat there and i’m listening to0:08:57.680,0:09:01.279 calls in australia i’m looking at calls0:09:00.160,0:09:03.440 in india0:09:01.279,0:09:05.040 looking at what’s going on with vietnam0:09:03.440,0:09:06.320 and what’s the messaging that they’re0:09:05.040,0:09:09.040 using and0:09:06.320,0:09:10.800 um and translating korean so that i0:09:09.040,0:09:12.480 understood what the koreans were saying0:09:10.800,0:09:14.160 to them oh my goodness you must have0:09:12.480,0:09:16.399 been out of your mind you must have been0:09:14.160,0:09:18.800 like ah0:09:16.399,0:09:19.760 it was a bit nuts but it was great0:09:18.800,0:09:21.839 because i0:09:19.760,0:09:23.040 learned so much and learned so much0:09:21.839,0:09:24.800 about how different0:09:23.040,0:09:26.240 cultures create um talk to their0:09:24.800,0:09:29.440 customers um0:09:26.240,0:09:30.480 and so luckily we were in planning stage0:09:29.440,0:09:32.560 for the next0:09:30.480,0:09:34.000 next financial year at that stage and i0:09:32.560,0:09:37.519 said hey i need two0:09:34.000,0:09:39.920 sales coaches and um0:09:37.519,0:09:41.680 and this is what they’re going to do and0:09:39.920,0:09:43.440 this is what enablement’s going to look0:09:41.680,0:09:46.000 like next year and this is the mission0:09:43.440,0:09:47.760 that we’re going to operate on0:09:46.000,0:09:50.240 what i see is the structure for next0:09:47.760,0:09:54.240 year etc etc so i put all of that in0:09:50.240,0:09:58.560 onto onto um basically a business case0:09:54.240,0:10:00.640 and i said to um to our leader0:09:58.560,0:10:02.480 you know to be successful this is what i0:10:00.640,0:10:04.800 need um0:10:02.480,0:10:05.600 and to make your team successful this is0:10:04.800,0:10:08.320 what i need0:10:05.600,0:10:09.839 and um and so that was my wishes for0:10:08.320,0:10:13.040 granted0:10:09.839,0:10:15.360 which is fantastic fantastic yes and now0:10:13.040,0:10:19.360 i have two sales enablement leaders0:10:15.360,0:10:22.800 and me and you know0:10:19.360,0:10:24.959 john i’m lucky working in oracle because0:10:22.800,0:10:26.320 two sales enablement leaders and me0:10:24.959,0:10:29.360 doesn’t sound like big we0:10:26.320,0:10:31.440 we support about 2000:10:29.360,0:10:32.720 business development consultants as well0:10:31.440,0:10:34.320 as their managers as well as our0:10:32.720,0:10:36.079 leadership team which are the directors0:10:34.320,0:10:39.120 and the vps as well0:10:36.079,0:10:41.839 um so that sounds like a small team but0:10:39.120,0:10:44.480 working in oracle0:10:41.839,0:10:46.959 you’ve got you’ve got i what i decided0:10:44.480,0:10:50.240 to do was just go and collaborate0:10:46.959,0:10:52.160 like you do so well with everyone in0:10:50.240,0:10:56.079 oracle and bring the best0:10:52.160,0:10:57.440 off in a timely consistent manner0:10:56.079,0:10:59.760 so we’ve got a great training0:10:57.440,0:11:00.000 organization sales training organization0:10:59.760,0:11:02.800 we’ve0:11:00.000,0:11:03.839 got marketing content that is you know0:11:02.800,0:11:05.920 beautiful0:11:03.839,0:11:07.760 uh we’ve got sales programs that are0:11:05.920,0:11:10.000 fantastic and i’ve got a leadership0:11:07.760,0:11:12.640 training department that’s fantastic0:11:10.000,0:11:14.079 so the idea was to just bring all of0:11:12.640,0:11:16.640 those pieces together0:11:14.079,0:11:18.880 along with my two sales coaches and0:11:16.640,0:11:22.000 develop a strategic approach0:11:18.880,0:11:24.000 to uh engage0:11:22.000,0:11:27.040 equip and empower our business0:11:24.000,0:11:27.040 development team0:11:27.360,0:11:32.160 with a mission with the objective of0:11:29.760,0:11:35.040 being differentiating and valuable0:11:32.160,0:11:37.040 in every customer engagement so it0:11:35.040,0:11:39.120 wasn’t just to equip them with0:11:37.040,0:11:40.839 oracle stuff but how they’re going to0:11:39.120,0:11:43.200 use that to be0:11:40.839,0:11:44.720 differentiating and engaging in their0:11:43.200,0:11:45.279 customer interaction are you are you0:11:44.720,0:11:48.160 different0:11:45.279,0:11:48.800 the enablement leaders is there is it0:11:48.160,0:11:51.279 set up or0:11:48.800,0:11:53.040 regionally or geographically i mean is0:11:51.279,0:11:54.560 there one for0:11:53.040,0:11:56.800 well i’ll finish that question let you0:11:54.560,0:12:00.240 answer it that was the question yeah0:11:56.800,0:12:03.120 yeah no so so i’ve got one for the0:12:00.240,0:12:04.959 so in oracle we’ve got the tech side of0:12:03.120,0:12:06.079 the team and we’ve got the application0:12:04.959,0:12:08.160 side of the team0:12:06.079,0:12:10.320 so i’ve got one who looks after tech0:12:08.160,0:12:12.079 asia pacific and one who looks after0:12:10.320,0:12:14.880 apps asia pacific0:12:12.079,0:12:16.959 we did have certain needs in china and i0:12:14.880,0:12:19.040 did have someone who worked with me in0:12:16.959,0:12:20.720 china to address some specific0:12:19.040,0:12:22.800 challenges0:12:20.720,0:12:24.480 but we’ve kind of wrapped that up that0:12:22.800,0:12:27.040 that project is now over0:12:24.480,0:12:27.920 and um and they’re brought into what0:12:27.040,0:12:30.079 we’re doing now0:12:27.920,0:12:32.240 so that’s awesome so what i what i heard0:12:30.079,0:12:33.680 you say puja which i just want to remark0:12:32.240,0:12:36.160 on is0:12:33.680,0:12:37.120 you really took a brilliant approach you0:12:36.160,0:12:39.680 didn’t try to0:12:37.120,0:12:42.399 replicate everything that oracle already0:12:39.680,0:12:46.240 has out there for great capabilities0:12:42.399,0:12:46.720 you’re just curating some of the best0:12:46.240,0:12:49.120 stuff0:12:46.720,0:12:50.399 making sure that it applies to your area0:12:49.120,0:12:52.880 and delivering a0:12:50.399,0:12:54.639 great experience to the teams and0:12:52.880,0:12:55.680 therefore out to the customer base as0:12:54.639,0:12:59.120 well0:12:55.680,0:13:01.120 yeah yeah and and that’s i think that’s0:12:59.120,0:13:01.920 the only way to do it why reinvent the0:13:01.120,0:13:05.040 wheel0:13:01.920,0:13:07.760 oh i know i can’t imagine and0:13:05.040,0:13:10.000 yeah so so we’ve got up you know we’re0:13:07.760,0:13:13.040 blessed with great sales training0:13:10.000,0:13:13.600 and some very good uh solution training0:13:13.040,0:13:16.160 as well0:13:13.600,0:13:17.600 and some good smes so the idea was just0:13:16.160,0:13:19.839 just to get out there0:13:17.600,0:13:21.440 uh tell these people what our problems0:13:19.839,0:13:22.880 are and what my challenges are and what0:13:21.440,0:13:26.320 i’m trying to solve0:13:22.880,0:13:29.279 and then bring them into into delivering0:13:26.320,0:13:31.120 and helping me in this mission well0:13:29.279,0:13:34.160 what’s been the biggest impact i know0:13:31.120,0:13:35.760 i mean you started off by saying0:13:34.160,0:13:38.560 first off you were business development0:13:35.760,0:13:39.920 manager it was taken six months to get0:13:38.560,0:13:42.720 people to have a meaningful0:13:39.920,0:13:43.600 meaningful phone call what did that what0:13:42.720,0:13:45.279 does that look like0:13:43.600,0:13:46.880 now for your teams in terms of when you0:13:45.279,0:13:49.920 onboard people0:13:46.880,0:13:51.839 yeah so we really revamped along with0:13:49.920,0:13:52.480 our sales training organization we0:13:51.839,0:13:55.760 really0:13:52.480,0:13:58.800 revamped that entire onboarding process0:13:55.760,0:14:00.800 um and and that was my mission for the0:13:58.800,0:14:02.560 first year john so we’ve evolved and0:14:00.800,0:14:05.360 matured as the years have gone0:14:02.560,0:14:07.279 gone by yeah my mission for the first0:14:05.360,0:14:08.560 year or the first six months was really0:14:07.279,0:14:11.680 to fix that0:14:08.560,0:14:13.040 that process and with the training that0:14:11.680,0:14:16.720 is now delivered0:14:13.040,0:14:18.720 um the content0:14:16.720,0:14:19.760 delivery is exactly where we need it to0:14:18.720,0:14:22.399 be and0:14:19.760,0:14:23.120 the sales coaching to then back that up0:14:22.399,0:14:26.160 after0:14:23.120,0:14:28.320 after teams have left their onboarding0:14:26.160,0:14:30.000 um we’ve reduced that ramp to0:14:28.320,0:14:32.480 productivity from0:14:30.000,0:14:34.240 when i say six months to a month these0:14:32.480,0:14:35.120 guys are starting to hit their targets0:14:34.240,0:14:38.560 in a month0:14:35.120,0:14:40.320 that’s amazing no that’s that’s amazing0:14:38.560,0:14:41.680 that’s beyond pretty cool that that’s0:14:40.320,0:14:43.680 amazing0:14:41.680,0:14:45.279 that’s wonderful i mean you must have0:14:43.680,0:14:47.120 had money showered at you0:14:45.279,0:14:49.839 just to say hey pooja thank you keep0:14:47.120,0:14:51.440 keep doing this right0:14:49.839,0:14:54.800 i mean they didn’t buy you they didn’t0:14:51.440,0:14:56.880 buy you a boat and a big car0:14:54.800,0:14:58.639 they probably said okay now that you fix0:14:56.880,0:15:01.199 that here’s the next problem0:14:58.639,0:15:02.560 that was it which is which is fantastic0:15:01.199,0:15:05.760 that’s what we do0:15:02.560,0:15:07.760 now let’s do this how did you i mean0:15:05.760,0:15:09.519 i know this was a while ago but how did0:15:07.760,0:15:11.440 you0:15:09.519,0:15:13.120 how did you approach getting it to the0:15:11.440,0:15:14.000 point that it could go from six months0:15:13.120,0:15:15.519 to a month0:15:14.000,0:15:17.680 i know some of it was probably pretty0:15:15.519,0:15:20.880 easy some of it was just actually0:15:17.680,0:15:23.680 formalizing what they needed but that’s0:15:20.880,0:15:27.519 still a huge reduction in time0:15:23.680,0:15:29.440 yeah it is it is a huge reduction in0:15:27.519,0:15:30.399 time and how we did that was with a very0:15:29.440,0:15:33.920 focused approach0:15:30.399,0:15:35.920 so uh sales um0:15:33.920,0:15:38.560 the call at the oracle sales and partner0:15:35.920,0:15:41.759 academy over here in asia pacific0:15:38.560,0:15:44.800 um was really linked in and0:15:41.759,0:15:48.160 um and working with us on on specific0:15:44.800,0:15:50.160 challenges fine-tuned content um0:15:48.160,0:15:52.000 we went from i think it was a two-day0:15:50.160,0:15:54.079 onboarding program to a three-week0:15:52.000,0:15:56.720 onboarding program0:15:54.079,0:15:59.680 with really great sales content that was0:15:56.720,0:16:03.040 repeated over the three weeks0:15:59.680,0:16:04.880 great role plays and a great orientation0:16:03.040,0:16:09.040 to get our teams0:16:04.880,0:16:11.360 kick-started as part of that0:16:09.040,0:16:12.240 they involved we involved the sales0:16:11.360,0:16:14.720 managers0:16:12.240,0:16:16.320 to do the coaching and the manage the0:16:14.720,0:16:19.199 role plays over there0:16:16.320,0:16:20.320 wonderful so we enabled them on what0:16:19.199,0:16:22.480 good looks like0:16:20.320,0:16:24.720 and brought them into this process of0:16:22.480,0:16:26.320 coaching and training the teams and you0:16:24.720,0:16:28.880 know the0:16:26.320,0:16:30.320 the the training department does that0:16:28.880,0:16:32.959 really really well0:16:30.320,0:16:35.519 after that so that’s three three weeks0:16:32.959,0:16:38.160 and after that0:16:35.519,0:16:39.759 when they hit the ground and they start0:16:38.160,0:16:42.320 making calls and sending0:16:39.759,0:16:43.920 prospecting emails and you know whatever0:16:42.320,0:16:46.240 my sales coaches0:16:43.920,0:16:47.120 are holding their hands to make sure0:16:46.240,0:16:49.680 that what they’ve0:16:47.120,0:16:51.279 learned they now know how to apply to0:16:49.680,0:16:54.320 real life0:16:51.279,0:16:55.759 um so so that’s0:16:54.320,0:16:59.120 that’s really been the difference0:16:55.759,0:17:01.920 actually that’s huge so are they setting0:16:59.120,0:17:02.800 are your coaches setting with them not0:17:01.920,0:17:04.400 around the clock0:17:02.800,0:17:06.480 obviously but are they meeting with them0:17:04.400,0:17:08.799 every day or or every week and0:17:06.480,0:17:12.079 strategizing oh daily wonderful0:17:08.799,0:17:13.679 yep so so daily meeting with their0:17:12.079,0:17:16.000 coaches because we only0:17:13.679,0:17:18.240 i mean you don’t always have a new group0:17:16.000,0:17:22.799 of people in the hub all right so0:17:18.240,0:17:26.480 so when they’re on there’s about0:17:22.799,0:17:28.480 and it defers time of year type of year0:17:26.480,0:17:31.200 all of that kind of stuff it defers0:17:28.480,0:17:32.480 but you maximum have a group of 10 to 140:17:31.200,0:17:35.360 people0:17:32.480,0:17:35.360 they meet with them0:17:35.840,0:17:39.760 if it’s 10 people it’s almost a daily0:17:37.760,0:17:41.360 touch base if it’s larger than that it’s0:17:39.760,0:17:43.440 once every two days0:17:41.360,0:17:44.720 to understand what their strategy is for0:17:43.440,0:17:46.640 prospecting for the day0:17:44.720,0:17:48.640 to help them formulate what their0:17:46.640,0:17:49.200 strategy should look like and then to0:17:48.640,0:17:51.440 help them0:17:49.200,0:17:53.440 on the calls the live calls0:17:51.440,0:17:56.160 understanding how the positioning0:17:53.440,0:17:57.679 okay well that was great let’s try this0:17:56.160,0:18:00.559 for your next call0:17:57.679,0:18:00.960 um or do you remember how we talked0:18:00.559,0:18:03.440 about0:18:00.960,0:18:04.559 objection handling let’s look at how we0:18:03.440,0:18:06.880 can apply that0:18:04.559,0:18:08.640 kind of thing it’s a lot of upfront0:18:06.880,0:18:09.360 investment what you’re talking about0:18:08.640,0:18:11.600 there0:18:09.360,0:18:14.080 but it clearly pays off in terms of0:18:11.600,0:18:16.160 getting them productive much faster0:18:14.080,0:18:17.679 yeah how long do the coaches work with0:18:16.160,0:18:21.840 them0:18:17.679,0:18:25.200 uh six weeks so our sales co0:18:21.840,0:18:28.559 so the way i define sales enablement0:18:25.200,0:18:29.520 and every year every year is a little0:18:28.559,0:18:32.080 bit different0:18:29.520,0:18:32.640 uh slightly different because kpis0:18:32.080,0:18:35.120 change0:18:32.640,0:18:35.919 uh every year so what we do changes a0:18:35.120,0:18:39.360 little bit0:18:35.919,0:18:42.080 yeah um but the way0:18:39.360,0:18:43.600 i guess on on the overarching umbrella0:18:42.080,0:18:47.440 to the way we do things0:18:43.600,0:18:50.160 is i spent the first four weeks0:18:47.440,0:18:51.679 training people getting them the0:18:50.160,0:18:52.880 training and this is not just the new0:18:51.679,0:18:54.799 people this is even0:18:52.880,0:18:57.360 people who are now so in the second year0:18:54.799,0:18:59.600 i actually moved to0:18:57.360,0:19:01.280 to okay so what happens after the first0:18:59.600,0:19:03.600 six months what what do we want these0:19:01.280,0:19:07.440 guys to be doing how are they maturing0:19:03.600,0:19:10.480 so so the first four weeks of every0:19:07.440,0:19:13.520 quarter is spent in training them and0:19:10.480,0:19:14.880 and after that we have two six-week0:19:13.520,0:19:18.720 engagements of0:19:14.880,0:19:19.679 coaching um tactics so sales coaching0:19:18.720,0:19:22.000 tactics0:19:19.679,0:19:23.280 for certain people that have been0:19:22.000,0:19:26.160 nominated by the0:19:23.280,0:19:28.000 the leaders no no i love that though so0:19:26.160,0:19:30.080 it’s the constant reinforcement0:19:28.000,0:19:32.240 it’s bringing back people to make sure0:19:30.080,0:19:34.080 that the focus on the best practices0:19:32.240,0:19:35.840 and they’re just repeating those things0:19:34.080,0:19:37.600 that’s0:19:35.840,0:19:39.360 that’s exactly what we all should be0:19:37.600,0:19:41.200 doing and it’s very hard for us0:19:39.360,0:19:43.440 sometimes to put that into practice so i0:19:41.200,0:19:45.200 applaud you for doing that0:19:43.440,0:19:46.799 you know do the managers how do the0:19:45.200,0:19:49.120 managers feel about that0:19:46.799,0:19:51.039 because you’re pulling people back in0:19:49.120,0:19:52.640 you know been for training you’re0:19:51.039,0:19:54.640 you’re spending time with them coaching0:19:52.640,0:19:56.880 them i would hope that the managers0:19:54.640,0:20:00.160 would be super excited about it0:19:56.880,0:20:04.480 how are they how do they feel though but0:20:00.160,0:20:07.520 they love it um so0:20:04.480,0:20:09.679 you know as i set up this function john0:20:07.520,0:20:11.760 it took me a little while to explain0:20:09.679,0:20:14.880 communicate the value0:20:11.760,0:20:17.360 um there was lots of you know discussion0:20:14.880,0:20:20.799 around whether or not my team need it0:20:17.360,0:20:22.880 and um and i think i’ve established0:20:20.799,0:20:24.799 the fact that that what i’m doing is0:20:22.880,0:20:26.080 actually benefiting the managers and0:20:24.799,0:20:29.039 their teams0:20:26.080,0:20:29.760 um and and because i bring them along in0:20:29.039,0:20:32.080 the journey0:20:29.760,0:20:33.440 so even even after onboarding the0:20:32.080,0:20:35.600 managers are very much0:20:33.440,0:20:36.640 engaged in coaching training developing0:20:35.600,0:20:38.640 their people0:20:36.640,0:20:40.400 and i’m helping the managers develop0:20:38.640,0:20:42.159 their own coaching skills so there’s a0:20:40.400,0:20:44.400 series of things going on0:20:42.159,0:20:45.200 at different different levels they’re0:20:44.400,0:20:50.559 completely0:20:45.200,0:20:53.280 um i mean this is heaven to them right0:20:50.559,0:20:54.480 um on a quarterly basis we look at their0:20:53.280,0:20:56.640 team and we go0:20:54.480,0:20:58.400 okay so you’ve got about that many0:20:56.640,0:21:00.320 people who really need some help0:20:58.400,0:21:01.520 that many people in the middle of the0:21:00.320,0:21:03.919 the pyramid0:21:01.520,0:21:04.799 who can really perform with a little bit0:21:03.919,0:21:06.799 of help0:21:04.799,0:21:09.120 and then you’ve got you’ve got the top0:21:06.799,0:21:11.280 end they just need you to help them0:21:09.120,0:21:13.840 a little bit and and you know that you0:21:11.280,0:21:17.600 can see an accelerated performance0:21:13.840,0:21:19.200 um so so when we sit down and do when i0:21:17.600,0:21:20.080 sit down with them and do that model0:21:19.200,0:21:22.880 with them0:21:20.080,0:21:24.240 and say tell me where do you want me to0:21:22.880,0:21:26.880 spend my time0:21:24.240,0:21:28.240 um in helping coach it’s generally that0:21:26.880,0:21:31.760 middle run0:21:28.240,0:21:33.600 um and and that’s where they’ll see the0:21:31.760,0:21:35.760 best return on investment0:21:33.600,0:21:36.880 so the managers love the sales coaching0:21:35.760,0:21:38.799 aspect of it0:21:36.880,0:21:40.720 uh because they take the top rung and0:21:38.799,0:21:42.240 kind of areas where0:21:40.720,0:21:43.840 they know that they need to play pay a0:21:42.240,0:21:44.799 little bit more attention down the0:21:43.840,0:21:47.360 bottom0:21:44.799,0:21:48.400 um and then they’ve got us kind of0:21:47.360,0:21:51.120 taking care of0:21:48.400,0:21:52.400 these guys who are going to help them0:21:51.120,0:21:54.400 accelerate their own0:21:52.400,0:21:56.880 sales performance so that’s pretty cool0:21:54.400,0:21:56.880 how do you0:21:57.520,0:22:01.520 amazing success in the first six months0:21:59.600,0:22:04.559 you brought the onboarding program0:22:01.520,0:22:06.320 you made it real successful how do you0:22:04.559,0:22:07.360 get people excited in terms of the0:22:06.320,0:22:08.960 metrics0:22:07.360,0:22:10.400 how you’re how you’re helping the0:22:08.960,0:22:12.080 business today0:22:10.400,0:22:14.240 because i’m sure when you pick that0:22:12.080,0:22:15.840 group they’re performing at a certain0:22:14.240,0:22:16.559 level and afterwards hopefully they’re0:22:15.840,0:22:18.559 improved they’re0:22:16.559,0:22:20.320 performing at a different level what do0:22:18.559,0:22:22.400 you look at though0:22:20.320,0:22:24.480 how do you measure that in terms of your0:22:22.400,0:22:28.240 impact it’s a good question0:22:24.480,0:22:31.360 um so um0:22:28.240,0:22:33.679 every every year0:22:31.360,0:22:36.000 so actually this is the first time in0:22:33.679,0:22:39.039 let me just start that one again0:22:36.000,0:22:40.000 don’t worry about it this is the first0:22:39.039,0:22:42.400 time in my time0:22:40.000,0:22:44.240 in sales enablement that me and my team0:22:42.400,0:22:48.320 are actually kpi’d0:22:44.240,0:22:52.000 and and uh on a compensation plan0:22:48.320,0:22:54.559 uh that is a hundred percent related to0:22:52.000,0:22:57.760 the performance of that team0:22:54.559,0:23:00.480 so basically we are on a bonus plan0:22:57.760,0:23:01.760 um so if i have a sales enablement0:23:00.480,0:23:04.559 leader for tech0:23:01.760,0:23:06.880 he’s on a bonus plan that that looks0:23:04.559,0:23:10.000 exactly like the bonus plan0:23:06.880,0:23:13.360 that his tech asia pacific team have0:23:10.000,0:23:16.240 he is compensated on on pipeline0:23:13.360,0:23:17.919 exactly the same metrics um you know0:23:16.240,0:23:20.320 i’ve got a few soft metrics like0:23:17.919,0:23:20.960 enablement experience feedback all that0:23:20.320,0:23:24.080 stuff0:23:20.960,0:23:24.720 but the real hardcore stuff is what have0:23:24.080,0:23:26.720 you driven0:23:24.720,0:23:28.400 in terms of what have you helped drive0:23:26.720,0:23:31.039 this team in terms of0:23:28.400,0:23:33.760 with this team in terms of pipeline in0:23:31.039,0:23:36.960 terms of sales stage progression0:23:33.760,0:23:40.240 and and in terms of customer engagement0:23:36.960,0:23:41.200 so what was their reaction when you0:23:40.240,0:23:45.120 first rolled that0:23:41.200,0:23:45.120 out um0:23:45.679,0:23:50.480 i have hired people from the business0:23:48.799,0:23:53.760 development organization0:23:50.480,0:23:54.400 so i’ve taken the best guys yeah i said0:23:53.760,0:23:56.080 okay0:23:54.400,0:23:57.440 do you want to be a sales enablement0:23:56.080,0:23:59.840 leader um0:23:57.440,0:24:01.840 and and now from you’re going from an0:23:59.840,0:24:04.640 individual contributor to now being0:24:01.840,0:24:07.679 responsible for this bucket over here0:24:04.640,0:24:08.240 which is all of asia pacific tech um and0:24:07.679,0:24:11.679 they’ve0:24:08.240,0:24:14.480 loved the challenge and um so so so0:24:11.679,0:24:17.360 i haven’t had because they came from a0:24:14.480,0:24:19.600 bonus plan to a bonus plan i had no0:24:17.360,0:24:20.720 pushback actually no that’s actually0:24:19.600,0:24:22.320 wonderful though0:24:20.720,0:24:24.159 because like i could picture in some0:24:22.320,0:24:25.919 cases where if you told0:24:24.159,0:24:27.360 an enablement person they were going to0:24:25.919,0:24:30.000 be0:24:27.360,0:24:31.279 get a bonus based upon how their team is0:24:30.000,0:24:33.120 performing0:24:31.279,0:24:34.799 some people would be really scared by0:24:33.120,0:24:35.840 that some people would be really excited0:24:34.799,0:24:37.919 by that0:24:35.840,0:24:39.840 yeah i think it’s actually a very0:24:37.919,0:24:43.120 interesting idea and a very0:24:39.840,0:24:44.640 compelling and very sensible way of0:24:43.120,0:24:48.000 looking at it0:24:44.640,0:24:50.640 yeah you know when when um0:24:48.000,0:24:51.360 frankly it was scary for me when i first0:24:50.640,0:24:53.679 started0:24:51.360,0:24:54.880 i would think it could be yeah it’s0:24:53.679,0:24:55.679 sensible but it doesn’t mean it’s not0:24:54.880,0:24:58.240 scary0:24:55.679,0:25:00.960 yeah no it made a whole heap of sense0:24:58.240,0:25:04.080 but it was scary as well0:25:00.960,0:25:07.200 but it makes it really has me0:25:04.080,0:25:09.440 focused in everything that we do0:25:07.200,0:25:10.320 every program that we deploy or every0:25:09.440,0:25:13.679 kind of0:25:10.320,0:25:14.559 um quarter we do a litmus test at six0:25:13.679,0:25:17.600 weeks0:25:14.559,0:25:20.320 where are we in terms of numbers um0:25:17.600,0:25:21.120 our programs are what are our coaching0:25:20.320,0:25:24.880 and training0:25:21.120,0:25:27.360 and um and content programs helping0:25:24.880,0:25:29.200 move the needle on that on the revenue0:25:27.360,0:25:30.720 on the pipeline on the on the key0:25:29.200,0:25:32.720 metrics for the business0:25:30.720,0:25:36.080 yes if they’re not where do we need to0:25:32.720,0:25:39.120 pivot and how do we need to realign0:25:36.080,0:25:42.559 um and so and so that’s been0:25:39.120,0:25:43.760 that’s been actually really useful for0:25:42.559,0:25:46.159 me0:25:43.760,0:25:49.360 you’re probably able to have much more0:25:46.159,0:25:51.600 strategic conversations this way too0:25:49.360,0:25:53.120 yeah with the leaders about where they0:25:51.600,0:25:56.240 really need the help0:25:53.120,0:25:57.679 because that’s awesome what’s been0:25:56.240,0:25:59.279 you know what surprised you the most0:25:57.679,0:26:00.640 though as you started to go down this0:25:59.279,0:26:02.480 path pooja were there0:26:00.640,0:26:04.000 were there things you were doing before0:26:02.480,0:26:05.200 that you like i just thought this was a0:26:04.000,0:26:07.760 great idea0:26:05.200,0:26:08.720 but now based upon how you how things0:26:07.760,0:26:10.960 are done0:26:08.720,0:26:13.120 are you like no we should be doing this0:26:10.960,0:26:15.679 instead has it changed how you approach0:26:13.120,0:26:15.679 enablement0:26:16.720,0:26:19.840 i think this is the first donate so i’ve0:26:19.120,0:26:23.279 always been0:26:19.840,0:26:25.679 close to the business in all the0:26:23.279,0:26:27.919 enablement roles i’ve always been clear0:26:25.679,0:26:30.000 that unless the business sees0:26:27.919,0:26:31.360 uh relevance to this role it’s it’s0:26:30.000,0:26:34.159 never gonna fly0:26:31.360,0:26:34.799 this is the first enablement role though0:26:34.159,0:26:37.760 where0:26:34.799,0:26:40.640 i’m really engaged in conversations that0:26:37.760,0:26:43.760 are driving and guiding the business0:26:40.640,0:26:45.120 um so for example if we’re thinking0:26:43.760,0:26:48.960 about new kpis0:26:45.120,0:26:50.880 i’m talking to to them about the the0:26:48.960,0:26:53.520 core leadership team around0:26:50.880,0:26:55.360 where are the competencies right now and0:26:53.520,0:26:57.360 how long it’s going to take them to get0:26:55.360,0:27:00.000 to these new kpis and maybe0:26:57.360,0:27:03.120 you know we could we could consider a0:27:00.000,0:27:04.840 different route over there so0:27:03.120,0:27:06.640 i don’t know if it’s changed i’ve just0:27:04.840,0:27:09.440 been0:27:06.640,0:27:10.159 i’m very you know i’ve got a seat at the0:27:09.440,0:27:12.880 table with0:27:10.159,0:27:13.840 with but that’s huge that’s a big change0:27:12.880,0:27:18.480 though for some0:27:13.840,0:27:20.720 organizations enablement is0:27:18.480,0:27:22.799 is is a function that they don’t0:27:20.720,0:27:23.840 completely buy into yet they they feel0:27:22.799,0:27:25.200 like they need it0:27:23.840,0:27:26.799 but they don’t have to have a seat at0:27:25.200,0:27:27.679 the table from from a strategic0:27:26.799,0:27:31.039 standpoint0:27:27.679,0:27:33.679 you clearly do yeah i i0:27:31.039,0:27:35.120 i’m grateful to say i’ve got some great0:27:33.679,0:27:40.240 leaders0:27:35.120,0:27:42.960 very open-minded and very willing to0:27:40.240,0:27:44.799 to listen to my point of view and and0:27:42.960,0:27:48.880 take that on board0:27:44.799,0:27:52.000 as they start measuring um0:27:48.880,0:27:54.880 or start developing their strategies0:27:52.000,0:27:56.320 puja this is so cool this is so cool i0:27:54.880,0:27:58.480 love it no i love it0:27:56.320,0:27:59.919 well look we’re almost 30 minutes in and0:27:58.480,0:28:00.640 i’d like to keep these close to 300:27:59.919,0:28:03.840 minutes0:28:00.640,0:28:05.679 but let me ask you this um0:28:03.840,0:28:07.760 what should we have talked about day0:28:05.679,0:28:11.440 like john i really wanted to share0:28:07.760,0:28:13.200 this is there anything along those lines0:28:11.440,0:28:16.480 my friend0:28:13.200,0:28:16.960 yeah a couple um what we didn’t talk0:28:16.480,0:28:20.159 about0:28:16.960,0:28:23.520 so i’m also a coach and i find that0:28:20.159,0:28:25.440 bringing coaching into sales enablement0:28:23.520,0:28:26.399 so i’m not talking about sales coaching0:28:25.440,0:28:30.080 where you’re0:28:26.399,0:28:32.720 being directive about um you know how to0:28:30.080,0:28:34.480 approach a conversation yeah i’m talking0:28:32.720,0:28:37.520 about the coaching about you0:28:34.480,0:28:39.360 and uh and where you want to be and0:28:37.520,0:28:41.279 how you want to get there and what what0:28:39.360,0:28:44.640 your goals are what the options are0:28:41.279,0:28:47.679 all that kind of stuff you know um i0:28:44.640,0:28:49.760 did that last year um where i0:28:47.679,0:28:51.919 took some of our top performers and some0:28:49.760,0:28:55.360 of our leaders and i put them into0:28:51.919,0:28:56.880 this immersive coaching experience0:28:55.360,0:28:58.399 and really all i was wanting out of0:28:56.880,0:29:00.880 there was retention and some talent0:28:58.399,0:29:04.640 development but what i got0:29:00.880,0:29:08.000 was 96 average quarter and quarter0:29:04.640,0:29:11.039 increase in performance which i just0:29:08.000,0:29:14.880 i i wasn’t even planning for that0:29:11.039,0:29:17.279 um that’s amazing yeah and was it purely0:29:14.880,0:29:20.480 a focus on them as individuals0:29:17.279,0:29:21.279 i mean what do they want to accomplish i0:29:20.480,0:29:24.559 didn’t talk0:29:21.279,0:29:26.320 about work it was about0:29:24.559,0:29:28.000 finding out what their inner motivation0:29:26.320,0:29:29.679 was and i think0:29:28.000,0:29:31.360 and the reason i want to say that was it0:29:29.679,0:29:34.399 was an eye-opener for me0:29:31.360,0:29:36.480 um i i do coaching on the side i0:29:34.399,0:29:38.559 do some leadership coaching i coach0:29:36.480,0:29:39.440 startups and all that kind of cool stuff0:29:38.559,0:29:41.200 but0:29:39.440,0:29:43.679 i’ve never really brought it into0:29:41.200,0:29:45.679 coaching 25 year olds or or young0:29:43.679,0:29:48.480 managers0:29:45.679,0:29:50.559 and the performance the difference in0:29:48.480,0:29:52.480 performances0:29:50.559,0:29:55.039 was not something i was even measuring0:29:52.480,0:29:58.080 but when i did i just read0:29:55.039,0:29:58.080 how did we do that0:29:58.640,0:30:01.840 do you why do you think it happened so0:30:01.440,0:30:04.000 it’s0:30:01.840,0:30:05.440 it’s you’re in a motivation right john0:30:04.000,0:30:06.000 why do you do anything that you want to0:30:05.440,0:30:09.279 do0:30:06.000,0:30:10.960 and why do you do it well it’s because0:30:09.279,0:30:12.960 you’ve got it’s not because you want to0:30:10.960,0:30:15.679 be the best bdc0:30:12.960,0:30:16.159 right yeah not because you want to be0:30:15.679,0:30:18.000 the best0:30:16.159,0:30:19.600 prospector it’s because you’ve got0:30:18.000,0:30:22.000 something else in mind0:30:19.600,0:30:22.720 and to then be able to delve into that0:30:22.000,0:30:25.279 and and0:30:22.720,0:30:26.799 start drawing on roadmap really does0:30:25.279,0:30:29.279 affect what you’re doing now0:30:26.799,0:30:31.039 i love that though what a great lesson0:30:29.279,0:30:33.120 for people0:30:31.039,0:30:35.039 um well and the other thing i’d like to0:30:33.120,0:30:37.360 say i’ve worked now0:30:35.039,0:30:40.000 for the last few years building teams of0:30:37.360,0:30:43.520 very young sales enablement0:30:40.000,0:30:47.919 people leaders and0:30:43.520,0:30:49.840 in my experience what i’ve noticed is0:30:47.919,0:30:51.600 because i guess because of their age and0:30:49.840,0:30:55.200 experience they’re0:30:51.600,0:30:58.080 they’re not they’re not comfortable0:30:55.200,0:30:58.720 um they’re not brave enough to tell the0:30:58.080,0:31:00.480 business0:30:58.720,0:31:03.200 where they think that the business0:31:00.480,0:31:04.000 should go so i’m going to say this i0:31:03.200,0:31:05.840 think to if0:31:04.000,0:31:07.120 if if you’ve got a whole bunch of sales0:31:05.840,0:31:08.799 young sales enablement0:31:07.120,0:31:10.320 people listening to this which i think0:31:08.799,0:31:13.760 you do you’ve got a great0:31:10.320,0:31:18.480 great series of content be brave guys0:31:13.760,0:31:22.240 um the business has hired you because0:31:18.480,0:31:24.159 they need you to show them another way0:31:22.240,0:31:25.360 that you’re solving problems for the0:31:24.159,0:31:28.320 business0:31:25.360,0:31:29.600 um and that’s why you’re hired so be0:31:28.320,0:31:33.200 brave and0:31:29.600,0:31:35.120 often you guys have all the best content0:31:33.200,0:31:36.399 my sales enablement leaders are the0:31:35.120,0:31:39.279 reason why0:31:36.399,0:31:41.039 my function is doing well um because0:31:39.279,0:31:42.159 they bring they come in with such great0:31:41.039,0:31:45.039 ideas0:31:42.159,0:31:46.159 um from what they see on the ground so0:31:45.039,0:31:48.159 be brave0:31:46.159,0:31:50.320 those are the two things john those0:31:48.159,0:31:53.440 those are amazing though pusha and and0:31:50.320,0:31:54.480 and really great reminders i i’m going0:31:53.440,0:31:56.399 to0:31:54.480,0:31:58.000 find another time to have you come back0:31:56.399,0:32:00.640 on if if i can0:31:58.000,0:32:02.399 bother you another 30 minutes and we0:32:00.640,0:32:04.399 need to spend some time talking about0:32:02.399,0:32:06.720 that coaching program too0:32:04.399,0:32:08.000 because i would love to really uncover0:32:06.720,0:32:12.000 that i think0:32:08.000,0:32:15.120 too often we treat our employees0:32:12.000,0:32:16.880 as simply numbers and and not0:32:15.120,0:32:19.120 we think about the metrics the kpis and0:32:16.880,0:32:22.080 those things all matter this is business0:32:19.120,0:32:23.760 but it’s such an amazing thing to hear0:32:22.080,0:32:25.039 that by treating them as people and0:32:23.760,0:32:26.640 really respecting and0:32:25.039,0:32:29.200 listening to what they want and helping0:32:26.640,0:32:32.080 them understand how they can get there0:32:29.200,0:32:34.559 that you can drive such a tremendous0:32:32.080,0:32:37.039 improvement in business performance too0:32:34.559,0:32:37.919 that’s wonderful and it’s it’s the kind0:32:37.039,0:32:40.080 of messages0:32:37.919,0:32:41.519 and information i think we need to talk0:32:40.080,0:32:43.200 more about so0:32:41.519,0:32:44.720 i am going to get you to come back on at0:32:43.200,0:32:45.600 some point pusha and we’re going to talk0:32:44.720,0:32:47.600 about that0:32:45.600,0:32:49.600 i’d love to i’d love to talk to you0:32:47.600,0:32:50.960 again0:32:49.600,0:32:54.000 all right well thank you so much my0:32:50.960,0:32:55.760 friend thank you for coming on seriously0:32:54.000,0:32:57.519 thank you thank you for having me it’s0:32:55.760,0:32:58.799 an honour being on your show i love all0:32:57.519,0:33:01.600 the content you put out there0:32:58.799,0:33:02.799 i appreciate that and then people listen0:33:01.600,0:33:05.200 to puja0:33:02.799,0:33:06.320 be brave i love that i like that ending0:33:05.200,0:33:08.399 message0:33:06.320,0:33:09.360 thank you i’ll talk to you again soon0:33:08.399,0:33:10.040 bye bye0:33:09.360,0:33:12.660 bye all0:33:10.040,0:33:12.660 [Music]

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