Coffee, Collaboration, and Enablement in Africa

David, Host
and Lead Collaborator - Africa
David Nel, Host
and Lead Collaborator – Africa

I am excited to announce that another superstar will be joining The Collaborator efforts and leading our shows focused on Enablement in Africa. David Nel, National Head of Sales Enablement at Investec, has agreed to host the African version of the Coffee, Collaboration, and Enablement podcast.

David has worked at Investec for nearly 15 years in a variety of roles, the last two years, however, have been focused on leading the corporate efforts around Enablement. His views on Enablement, combined with strong connections in the space in the region, made David the perfect Host and Collaborator in the region.

Dave is also involved with Movement Life Coaching where they focus on creating tangible action plans in order to move you towards your desired goal.

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