11 tips and 16 types of content for sales enablement success

How do you ensure that you are developing the right content for sales enablement success?

Content that leads to sales reduces churn and leads your internal teams, prospects, and customers to love you.

So much joy and frustration from something as simple as a piece of content.

In this article, we’ll share with you the following:

  • 7 Tips for gaining insight from your business partners
  • 16 Types of content for sales enablement success
  • 4 Tips for maximizing the success of the content you are delivering

Seven powerful tips for gaining insight from your business

Your revenue and sales enablement team must work closely with the marketing department to ensure the right content is available to your customer-facing teammates. And with sales, customer success, and others across the organization.

How do you do this in a manner that amplifies the outcomes from your efforts?

Understand business goals

Fellow Enablement Practitioners and Leaders lean in close.

We suggest reviewing our guide on building an effective sales enablement program as it goes into great detail on this topic.

Analyze the buyer journey as well as the customer journey

Please give a listen to Chuck Marcouiller’s recent interview, where he discussed some fantastic tips for aligning enablement with the buyer’s journey.

Don’t just focus just at the top of the funnel, or the middle or the bottom

Related to the last point. Let those journeys you mapped out above be your guide.

Understand the buyer personas and their needs at the various points along the journey

Who is your standard buyer? A Chief Marketing Officer? Head of Enablement? 

If you are not sure how to build out personas, check out this fantastic Hubspot post that includes free templates.

What content is the marketing team already delivering for these various personas at different places on the journey?

You have been collaborating with the marketing team already on the buyer and customer journey and around the personas.

Sit back down with them to review what content they are providing to cover the journey for the personas you have already identified.

What content is your sales department and customers sharing during emails, sales calls, in-person meetings, and elsewhere?

Once you’ve sat with marketing, now sit with sales (sales leaders and individual sales reps) to identify what they are using.

Take a good look at the existing marketing content and sales content. 

Some will be good, some will be garbage, and some will provide you with insights on the content the teams like to use.

What do you need to rebuild, what needs minor updates, and what is missing altogether?

Okay, you’ve taken the time to do the hard work, understand the business needs, and hopefully understand how it impacts your sales enablement materials’ needs.

Now, partner with the go-to-market team to prioritize what you do first.

17 Types of content for sales enablement success

With those specific needs in mind, priorities aligned across the teams, you should create the various content to achieve those goals.

  • Training materials
  • Small pieces focused on use cases supported and customer pain
  • Case Studies
  • White papers
  • Battle cards – Read our article on creating competitive battle cards.
  • Persona documents
  • Product Sheets
  • Informative blog posts
  • Valuable insights from analysts and industry thought-leaders
  • Call scripts and other sales scripts
  • Cheat sheets for new sales reps on everything from the structure of your sales department, information on each stage of the sales process,
  • Playbooks to guide the team to have the right conversations and ask the right questions
  • Guides for your sales enablement platform, CRM, and other key sales tools
  • Demo videos.
  • Content snippets for use on social media platforms
  • Email templates
  • Content pieces with brief insights about each vertical you service

Make sense?

That’s 16 types of content for sales enablement success and seven tips; we are still missing four tips.

4 Tips for maximizing the success of the content you are delivering

Oh, wait, to optimize your success around all of this, keep these remaining four tips in mind.

  • Create the right content types for each need. Video? PDF?
  • Work closely with the content marketing team to translate and curate the right content for your sales force.
  • Validate your content with an advisory board made up of sales managers, sales professionals, marketing and customer success team members, even potential customers if possible.
  • Ensure content is stored in a centrally managed content management system; it will pay off.

Creating, managing, and delivering relevant content at the right time for the target audience is not always easy.

However, if you review this guide regularly, make it part of your best practices, your team will have better sales conversations with your potential buyers and be grateful to the enablement team for the fantastic support.

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